howlstone excavations day 2
xiangjun zeng

[Source:  Field Observations from a Far-Future Mars ]

7th Day of the 10th month of 969.

Day 2, Howlstone Excavations

     Howlstone is quite the remarkable city. Very old. One could feel the history seeping through the stones. The tears, laughter and all of that living drama of longtails stretching into time’s depths.

     The mood this city puts me in! We’ve only just arrived yesterday. The equipment is still being unloaded and …**

**Researcher's notes 4B: Passage here still under reconstruction. Damage was not too extensive. In brief it describes C. waiting for a companion, who’s name, unfortunately, was too badly damaged to reconstruct.

**End Researcher's notes 4B

     Walking around the city had been a pleasure. It has certainly helped calm my nerves. It would not do to be so tense, so much rides on the success of this trip!

    And there is much to see in Howlstone indeed!

    As the oldest recorded longtail city, it is possible to see the influence of ancient building styles if we look carefully. In some parts of the city, particularly in the Residence District, the newer buildings were built over the older ones. 

     It is said that the Grand Bridge here was the first of its kind to be discovered. It makes me wonder if, like back home, Howlstone was founded after finding the Grand Bridge, or was it pure chance that the first settlement here was built on top of the caverns that housed the Grand Bridge…?

     Either way, we are very lucky to be granted permission by the Granite Palace to go ahead with the excavations. Relations had always been strained between our cities…I only hope that the rougher sorts we had to bring along for muscle would not do anything to antagonize our hosts!

    It would be a most devastating setback for the search to find a way to reach the O…**

 **Researcher's notes 5B: The rest of the page had been torn out and is not recoverable...