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bent on escape from cerberus

Ul Quorn's column trudged into its own cellhouse, down a bleak cement corridor lighted by krypton bulbs.  The hard-eyed guards watched as each prisoner entered his own little cell.

"Lock up!" barked the captain of guards.

The guards came along the corridor, flashing the tiny ray of their vibration-keys on each door-lock, thus sealing it electrically.

"Aura on!" came the final order of the officer.

A soft glow filled the corridor, emanating from flat plates in the ceiling...

Quorn heard the guards depart...  There was soon no sound except the soft beat-beat of the ventilation system.

Ul Quorn finally rose softly and went to the ventilator-shaft of his cell.  It was a six-inch opening covered by a barred grating.  Deftly, he removed the grating and drew up four objects suspended in the shaft by cords...

Edmond Hamilton, The Magician of Mars (1941, 1968)

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