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efforts by nature
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old solar system script

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2018 November 26th:   


From Dylan Jeninga:

...I was reading an old NPR article, and it discussed the Mysterious Black Blotches of Mars, as I'm calling them. Weird, spidery black shapes that appear on the sunward side of some dunes in the spring and grow all summer, until they vanish in the winter. The next spring, they appear in the same spots around 70% of the time. 

Now, the commonly proposed, though uninvestigated, hypothesis is that these blotches are formed by outgassing CO2 that spits up basaltic dust with it. But a group of Hungarian scientists also suggested that they might be some kind of photosynthetic lifeforms, which I thought you might appreciate (I know I did). If true, it would turn out OSS predictions of Martian moss weren't so far off the mark.

Reply from Zendexor: 

This is somewhat better than micro-organisms!  I suppose those little wrinkles in the surface are lesser dunes, which helps give an idea of the scale. 

The discovery of Martian moss, or the equivalent, would immediately lead to the next question: if there's moss, what else could there be?

The more I look at that picture, the harder I find it to believe in a non-organic explanation...  Much more convincing, to me, than the "Face" in Cydonia ever was.  What do our other readers think, I wonder?

Let's all keep our fingers crossed.