the eternal zones
story archive

Here is our archive of on-site OSS tales, arranged, broadly, in astronomical zones from the Sun outwards to the System's edge.  (When a tale is set on more than one world, it is listed in more than one zone.)

This, therefore, is where all our on-site fiction lurks.  Here the unwary reader is drawn into our ameliorated neighbouring worlds, which have progressed, under the loving care of our writers, to being what they jolly well ought to be...

in and around the solar furnace

Incandescence (opening extract)    by Dylan Jeninga

The Winds of Vulcan     by Dylan Jeninga

marvels of old mercury

The Resurrection of Merrick Hardcastle    by K S Augustin

Zookie Must Die    by Violet Bertelsen

Where the Nightlife Never Ends    by Dylan Jeninga

a warm but not scorching venus

The Hard Streets of Aphrodite    by David England

A Life of Leisure and Renewed Vigor    by James W Murphy

Project Utopia     by R Olsen

earth-shimmer and earth-fate

Man of the World     by Robert Gibson

The Slavanns Must Play    by Robert Gibson

Provided at Generous Prices    by Dylan Jeninga

Exile to Space     by Jamie Ross 

mysteries of the moon

The Archives of the Moon     by Robert Gibson

The Mare Frigoris Culture     by Robert Gibson

Whom Gods Destroy     by Dylan Jeninga

The Rogue Planet      by Dylan Jeninga

meandering on mars

Wanderers of Mars     by Dylan Jeninga

The Magistrate    by Jamie Ross 

The Adventures of Longtail    by Xiangjun Zeng

asteroidal adventures

Rock and a Hard Place     by Joseph Guzzo

Rock and the Belt Pirates     by Joseph Guzzo

Project Selene     by "Xorx"

Peril on Pallas     by Dylan Jeninga and Zendexor

Rimworld Trash    by Dylan T Jeninga

jovian jeopardy

The Colorless Colossus of the Cold     by Dylan Jeninga   (set on Europa)

Flame Lords of Jupiter     by Robert Gibson

Europa Dive     by Jamie Ross

Rimworld Trash    by Dylan T Jeninga   (the opening episode on Leda)

the saturn system

The Arc of Iapetus     by Robert Gibson

Pirates of Titan     by Dylan T Jeninga

The Lost Rings of Saturn     by James W Murphy

uranian dreams

The Chthonic Pull     by Violet Bertelsen

Uranian Throne     by Robert Gibson

Plague Planet    by Dylan Jeninga

Beyond Despair    by Jamie Ross

Into the Wilds    by Jamie Ross 

neptunian horizons

Outlaws of Neptune   by Robert Gibson

The Sea Empress    by Dylan Jeninga

plutonian nightmare

On the Shoreline of Darkness     by Violet Bertelsen

The Slavanns Must Play    by Robert Gibson   (set on Earth under Plutonian rule)

Trans-plutonian trip

Mission to the Tenth Planet     by Dylan Jeninga and Zendexor


Discussion of Longtail: A Prologue - critique by Troy Jones
[note: the piece discussed, which is by Xiangjun Zeng, has been removed to the author's website A Distant Sun]