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This is the System-wide competition in which teams from the various worlds and zones all try to out-fascinate their opponents in the view of the judges.

The object of the game, called Hits Interplanetary (HI), is to be as interesting as possible. 

Teams from all over the System parade around Ceres' Grand Stadium trying to look and sound interesting.  They can do this either by following updated versions of Edward de Bono's How to be Interesting, or by flaunting their physical attributes (length and flexibility of tentacle, or whatever), or by direct mental coercion of the judges.

The list of champions, month by month, is displayed in the Hall of Fame.

[For discussion of the first seven months' clashes, see the OSS Diary for 27th March 2017.  For the first twenty months, see the Diary for 26th April 2018.]

Note: a record score in the competition was achieved by the Vulcanian team in the first round of September 2018 - a score of 290 hits during the five days, 1-5 September.  Before that, the record had been held by the Ionian team in the first round of January 2018 - a score of 82 hits; and before that, the record was 52 hits, scored by the Venusians in the semi-finals of August 2017. 

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