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enclaves on ceres

...Almost centrally located in the Martian quarter was a glittering, garish locality where every diversion could be found.  This was called Pulambar, after the great City of Pleasure at home on Mars.

Along the equator ran a strip of dry, hot sand, rusty red - an imported bit of the Martian desert.  Across that sand-strip, to the south, a quarter was divided into four smaller areas, for Ganymede, Io, Europa and Callisto.

Above this quarter, tethered like a balloon by a gravity beam, hovered a sort of satellite.  A twenty-mile globe had been artificially made of banded gas without and a solid core within.  It was a miniature Jupiter, and some thought it the greatest wonder of all the Fair.

The northern quarter of the Eastern Hemisphere was Earth's, divided into many smaller districts for the wealth of various national and continental exhibits.  Here, as with the Martian Pulambar, there was a central area, but it was for sports...  Along the equator tossed the waves of an artificial ocean...

The southern shore, at the very equatorial line, was matted with Venusian jungle, under a localized fog...

Manly Wade Wellman, The Worlds of Tomorrow (Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1940)

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stowaway finds mystery on ceres

...Ronnie noticed something off to his right.  It was a cleft in the rusty ground.  The other members of the party were straggled out ahead of him now; for he hadn't been able to move quite as fast as they in his ill-fitting space armor.

The cleft offered no unusual promise.  The men had ignored it.  Nevertheless, youthful whim sent Ronnie hopping to its brink.  Thick gloom enveloped its depths.  But close to the torn lip of the cleft there were curious, broken fragments lying in the dust.  They were flat and flaky, like pieces of shattered, red glass.  As any adult would have done, Ronnie stooped and picked one of them up.  Inside the thin, translucent texture of the shard, there slumbered a deep, bloody glow.

Ronnie wanted to yell out about his find to his brother up ahead; but something unfathomable restrained him...

Raymond Z Gallun, Red Shards on Ceres (Thrilling Wonder Stories, December 1937)

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