authors of the old solar system

Writers (and illustrators) whose work combines to shape our OSS heritage of dreams...

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[Please note: though I hope I have reasonably well cross-referenced this page with the Gazetteer, I have not found time to do the same with the rather enormous Fictional Dates timeline.  (It would be a titanic task).  But, after all, a reader who is seeking information on a particular author will easily be able to check whether he/she is also on the Fictional Dates page, since at the end of it all the authors there are listed alphabetically.]

Edwin A Abbott - for Flatland see The FLATOSS.

Robert Abernathy - for the inaptly titled Failure on Titan see Slaves on Phoebe.

James R Adams - for Crisis on Titan see the extract, Grotesque Mimicry on Titan.
                             For Quest on Phoebe see Temple of Life on Phoebe.

Poul Anderson  - See also The Martian Crown Jewels.

Peter C Aitken - see Perchance To Dream  

Brian W Aldiss - for Hothouse see Vegetation has colonized the far-future Moon.

Edwin Lester Arnold - for Lieutenant Gulliver Jones - His Vacation, see the Diary for
                                      8th December 2016, which includes a comparison with
                                      Gustave Le Rouge's La Guerre des Vampires.

Fenton Ash - for A Trip to Mars see An Edwardian version of Mars.

Isaac Asimov - see also Asimov on Jupiter, Asimov on Jupiter - Response
                          and Lucky Starr, Space Ranger

John Jacob Astor - for A Journey in Other Worlds see the OSS Diary, 18th March 2017.
                                       See also the following extracts:
                                             The Singing Plants of Jupiter;
                                             A Jovian Bay with Saurians in the Shallows;
                                              Hums and Gems on Saturn.

K S Augustin - see Flow and The Resurrection of Merrick Hardcastle.

Thornton Ayre - for Domain of Zero see Evolution on Callisto.

Charles A Baker - for Treasure of Triton see Robbing a temple on Triton.

J G Ballard - see the OSS Diary, 4th February 2017, for The Day of Forever.

Arthur K Barnes - see also the Saturn page for the Saturnian part of Trouble on Titan.
                         For The Energy Eaters see the OSS Diary, 19th January 2017.
                         For The Mole-Men of Mercury see Ovoid inhabitant of Mercury.

Shep Barnett - Europa Or Bust   

Barrington Bayley - see Time Travel and Reality Change for
                                             The Fall of Chronopolis.
                            For Soul of a Robot see Resuming long-interrupted colonisation
                                             and Pockets of atmosphere.
                            For The Rod of Light see Earth accretion - Robotic initiative.
                            For The Countenance see Staining Space.

William Dixon Bell:  for The Moon Colony see Cricket-shaped natives of the Moon.

Bryan Berry - for The Final Venusian see Robots' Vigil on Venus.

Violet Bertelsen - see:  The Chthonic Pull  -  Long Live the Billion-Year Spacereich! -
                                        The Lure of the Depths  -  On the Shoreline of Darkness  -                                           Zookie Must Die.

Alfred Bester - see the OSS Diary, 25th February 2017, for artificial asteroids.
                            For the asteroidal "Scientific People" of The Stars My Destination
                                    see Space Sargassoes.

Lloyd Biggle Jr. - for The Fury Out of Time see the Gazetteer's entry on
                                  the Moon's Alpine Valley.

Eando Binder - for Anton York, Immortal see the Diary entry, Orbital Preservation Order.
                            For The Impossible World see the Diary entry, The Outer Limits, and
                                    the extract Approaching a cave on Iapetus.
                           For Memos on Mercury see Hunting on Mercury.
                           For Via Jupiter see Toughing it out on Jupiter.
                           For Moon of Intoxication see Io as a jungle moon, Weinbaum-style.

James Blish - see also the page Jovian Inferno, a study of Bridge

Robert Bloch - for The Fear Planet see Not Sure Where to Put it?  Try an Asteroid. and
                                        The Close Frontier
                                         For an extract see An Excessively Green Asteroid.

John Boland - for White August see the Gazetteer entry on the Malvern Hills.

Nelson S Bond - for Wanders of the Wolf Moon see the Titan page.  See also the
                              extract, Site of a crash-landing on Titan.
                           For Revolt on Io see Uppity natives of Io.
                           For Castaways of Eros see A lush landscape on Eros.
                           For The Mercurian Menace see Flame-folk on Mercury.

Leigh Brackett - also, for the Martian cities of Kushat and Shandakor, see cities.

Ray Bradbury

Jack Bradley - for The Rhizoid Kill see the extract, The swamp belt of Mercury.

Frank Brueckel, Jr. - for The Moon Men see A dragon-like monster on Ganymede.

Tobias S Buckell - for Pale Blue Memories see Slaves of Venus.

Algis Budrys - for Die, Shadow! see A future, open-skied Venus.

Edgar Rice Burroughs  - see also the pages on Amtor, Barsoom
                                            and ERB's sentence-structure

John W Campbell - see the page on Penton and Blake
                                 and for their adventure on The Tenth World see Planet X;
                                     for The Double Minds see
                                                  Doomed gelatinous oppressors of Ganymede.
                                  For Night see the OSS Diary for 12th January 2017.
                                 For Campbell's opinion concerning life on Mars
                                  see the Diary, 25th November 2016.
                                  For Solarite see Sunrise on Venus.
                                  For Twilight see Neptune in the twilight of Man.

Grant Canterbury - see Pen Pal   

Joel Caris - see Exodus

Bruce Carter - for The Perilous Descent see the Diary, The Moment of Amaze.
                               See also the extract, Vast cavern-realm inside the Earth.

Lin Carter - for the Thanator series see the Callisto page and Thanator - For and Against.
                     For Down to a Sunless Sea see the extract, An underground Martian sea.

Paul Chadwick - for Crusaders of Space see Man-eating jungle plant on Oberon.

Robert W Chambers - see the podcast on The Repairer of Reputations.

John Christopher - for The Possessors see Perturbable Protagonists Required.
                               Gazetteer references: see Petersfield and Winchester (for The Prince
                                in Waiting); Guernsey (for A Wrinkle in the Skin);                                    Lagos (for The World in Winter).

Arthur C Clarke - see also the pages on Earthlight and The Sands of Mars

Hal Clement - for Hot Planet see the page on Brightside Crossing, and also
                                      the OSS Diary for 23rd September 2016.
                       For Proof see Neutronium City on the Sun.

Stanton A Coblenz - for The Moon People see the OSS Diary for 17th January 2017.
                                  For Into Plutonian Depths see the extract, Sniff the air on Pluto.
                                   Also, for Mercury and Pluto see the Clues/News page for
                                           13th November 2018, mentioning both Into Plutonian Depths
                                                 and Next Door to the Sun.

Ariel Cohen - see A Martian Iliad    

Edmund Cooper - for The Tenth Planet see Planet X.
                              For The Overman Culture see
                                                Venturing out of "London", Earth, c. 12,000 A.D.

Susan Cooper - for Mandrake see the Diary entry, Planetary Intelligences

Alfred Coppel - for Task to Luna see Discovery of an alien base on the Moon.

Rachel Cowan - see Methane Blue  

Michael Crichton - for Prey see Perturbable Protagonists Required.

Ray Cummings -for the Tama books see
                        The Fire, The Light, The Cold - Ray Cummings' Mercury.
                        See the Asteroids page for Brigands of the Moon; see also
                                 the extract, Climbing lunar crater Archimedes; see also
                                 Confession Time
                        For The Flame Breathers see the section on the Vulcan page
                                 and the further extract, A vista on small, dense Vulcan.
                        For The War-Nymphs of Venus see Hedonist culture on Venus.
                        For The Man on the Meteor see Mini-world in the Rings of Saturn.

Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac - for L'Autre Monde see
                                                             The luminous countryside of the Sun and
                                                             Cyrano's glimmer of solarian sf.

L P Davies - for Genesis Two see Weird plants of a future Earth.

Linton Davies - for Warlords of the Moon see
                                Civil War in the Kingdom of the Moon.

Norman Davies, The Isles: A History - see Relations with the Real.

Lester del Rey - see Battle on Mercury

Albert dePina - for Star of Panadur (with Henry Hasse) see
                                                             A Bonanza on Europa.
                           For Alcatraz of the Starways (with Henry Hasse) see
                                     A storm of electric beings on Vulcan and Irresistible Vulcan.
                           For Moon of Danger see Phobos - larger than we thought.

Philip K Dick  

Dougal Dixon - for After Man see the OSS Diary, 9th November 2016
                         See that same entry also for the book by Dougal Dixon and John Adams,
                            The Future is Wild

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - for When the World Screamed see Living Worlds.
                                        For The Lost World see the Gazette entries under
                                                  Embankment and Manaus.

Alexandre Dumas - see Planet D'Artagnan.

Allan W Eckert - for The Hab Theory see the OSS Diary, 24th September 2016.
                             For a precursor to the tale, and the fallacy in the science, see
                                                     Pole Shifting.

Phyllis Eisenstein - for Dylan Jeninga's review of The Sunstone see Home on Mars.

Harlan Ellison - see podcast on I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream.

David England - see    Tête-à-Tête;
                                     Lady Penelope and the Drug Lords of Venus;
                                     Lady Penelope and the Cultists of Thule;
                                     Decision on Euphrosyne  

                      (Note: the above adventures, all set in a NHOSS continuum, come under the 
                       heading Tales from the Aether.)

Paul Ernst - for The Red Hell of Jupiter see Anomalous low-gravity area on Jupiter.
                    For The Planetoid of Peril see Lush countryside on an asteroid.

Lloyd Arthur Eshbach - for Mutineers of Space see Prison pit on Jupiter.

Paul W Fairman - for Brothers Beyond the Void see the extract,
                                                                   Coaxed Towards a Zoo-Cage on Mars.

Ralph Milne Farley - for The Radio Man (= An Earthman on Venus) see
                                         Herds of insects grazing on Venus.

Philip José Farmer - for Sail On! Sail On! see the Earth page.

John Russell Fearn - for Something From Mercury see
                                          Havoc caused by imported Mercurian critters.

Ian Fleming - see The Muse Takes Control
                          For Moonraker see the following Gazetteer entries:
                               Dover  -  Regent's Park  -  Scotland Yard  -  Sloane Square.

Robert L Forward - for Dragon's Egg see Perturbable Protagonists Required
                                          and Celestial Intruders.
                               For Saturn Rukh see Jet-powered inhabitants of Saturn.

Mae and Ira Freeman - for You Will Go To The Moon see A Book with the Right Idea.
                         See also Craters yes - dish holes no.

H B Fyfe - for Moonwalk see the entry in the Gazeteer on Plato.

Henry Gade - see the extract from his speculative article Life on Uranus.

Otto Willi Gail - for The Shot From The Moon see An Ice-Age Venus - II.

Raymond Z Gallun

Erle Stanley Gardner - for New Worlds see Pole Shifting.

Randall Garrett - for Hot Trip for Venus see the
                                     Diary, Backbone of the Old Solar System.

Will Garth - for The Bloodless Peril see Those Plants Again.

Robert Gibson - and see Uranian Throne; also the pages on
                               Valeddom, Kroth, Uranian Gleams and Man of the World.

Gordon A Giles - for Via Mercury see the Mercury page; see also the extract,
                                          Mercurian survivals.
                            For Via Asteroid see the OSS Diary, 13th February 2017.

Rex Gordon

John Michael Greer - see Star's Reach and
                                   the Diary, John Greer, Carl Jung and the Jasoomization of Earth.
                                   For Out of the Chattering Planet see Iruwon.
                                   For The Weird of Hali - Innsmouth, see
                                              Lovecraft Reversed with Added Belbury.

Percy Greg - for Across the Zodiac see Mars as imagined in 1880.

George Griffith - for A Honeymoon in Space see the extracts
                                   Modestly inhabited Ceres   -  Jupiter's violent fiery surface  -
                                         Swimmers in the air of Saturn.

James E Gunn - for The Immortals see the Gazetteer entry for Lawrence, Kansas.

Henry Guth - for Planet in Reverse see Reversed time-stream on Neptune.

Joseph Guzzo - see Rock and a Hard Place and Rock and the Belt Pirates.

J Harvey Haggard - for Children of the Ray see the page on the Great Red Spot
                                   and also the extract, A metropolis on Jupiter.
                                For Evolution Satellite see Rampart speciation on Ariel.

H Rider Haggard

A L Haley - for Jupiter's Joke see Jupiter's vegetable Great Red Spot.

Edmond Hamilton

Peter F Hamilton - for Pandora's Star see OSS Nuggets in CRIM.

Frank Hampson - for Dan Dare: Operation Saturn see Dan Dare is hunted on Phoebe
                                                            and Dan Dare is brought to the capital of Titan.
                           For Dan Dare: The Red Moon Mystery see
                                                               Exploring a ruined palace on Mars.
                           For Dan Dare: Marooned on Mercury see
                                                                Mercurians armoured against Dayside heat.

Charles L Harness

Henry Hasse - for Star of Panadur (with Albert dePina) see
                                       Bonanza on Europa.
                          For Alcatraz of the Starways (with Albert dePina) see
                                     A swarm of electric beings on Vulcan and Irresistible Vulcan.
                          For Proktols of Neptune see Captives on Triton.

Hergé (Georges Remi) - for Objectif Lune and its influence on Elon Musk
                                                         see Astronautical Conjunction.

Robert A Heinlein - see also the page on Red Planet
                                   For Logic of Empire see Slaves of Venus.

Christopher Henningsen - see The Martian Girl   

William Hope Hodgson: A View by Antolin Gibson

James P Hogan - see asteroid progenitor planet
                             and (for Ganymede) the OSS Diary for 9th January 2017,
                                  plus the extract from Inherit the Stars,
                                          Poisonous atmosphere on Ganymede.

Robert E Howard

Fred Hoyle -  for The Black Cloud see Celestial Intruders.   
                      for The Incandescent Ones
                                    see the OSS Diary for 20th December 2016;
                      for Fifth Planet see the OSS Diary for 5th August 2016 and
                                        Celestial Intruders.
                      For Inferno see the following Gazetteer entries:  Carlton House Terrace  -
                                Culloden Moor  -  Inverness.

Matthew Hughes - see A Return to Bradbury's Mars.

Shirley Jackson - see podcast on The Lottery.

Carl Jacobi - for Tepondicon see The Galilean Satellites.

John Jakes - for Frozen Hell see A buried giant on Pluto
                     for War Drums of Mercury Lost see A drifter on Mercury.

D L James - for Crystals of Madness see Clever arachnida of Deimos.

Dylan T Jeninga  -  see:  Be Seeing You  -  The Colorless Colossus of the Cold  -  
                                        The Hidden City of MarsIncandescence  - 
                                        Life Debt  -  Mission to the Tenth Planet 
                                        -  Peril On Pallas  -  Pirates of Titan  -  Plague Planet  - 
                                        Provided at Generous Prices  -  Rimworld Trash
                                        The Rogue Planet
  - The Sea Empress -
                                        Wanderers of Mars  -  Where the Nightlife Never Ends  -
                                        Whom Gods Destroy  -  The Winds of Vulcan.    
                                        For literary criticism see The Intrepid Travelogue.
                                        Excerpt:  Selenite carvings in the caverns of the Moon.

D F Jones - see The Colossus Trilogy.

Joel B Jones - see Death Songs of Saturn and Blood Prince of Venus

Neil R Jones - for The Dark Swordsmen of Saturn see Castles on Dione.
                            Hermit of Saturn's Rings is discussed on the page
                                                                                    The Rings of Saturn.

Raymond F Jones - for The Seven Jewels of Chamar see the extract
                                                 A quest for animate jewels on Mars.

Troy Jones III - see The Headless Skeletons of Mercury and
                                 The Sarcastic Snake-Men of Neptune

Henrik Dahl Juve - for The Monsters of Neptune and The Struggle for Neptune
                                 see Neptunian Allure
                                     and also the extracts, Looking around cautiously on Neptune
                                       and Yellow-violet jungle on Neptune.

Franz Kafka - see Kafka's Crystallization of Hooked Time.

Colin Kapp - for Lambda 1 see podcast, and the Diary for 19th November 2016.
                     For the Cageworld series see The most over-the-top Dyson-sphere scheme.

Augustus Keden - see The Dorian Grays  

Augustus and Lenore Keden - see Ghosts of Saturn   

Otis Adelbert Kline - for a blue Martian dawn in The Swordsman of Mars see
                                                The good guesses of yore.
                                 For The Man from the Moon see
                                               The planet which later became our Moon.

Dean R Koontz - for Watchers see the Gazetteer entry on Santa Barbara.

Cyril Kornbluth - see the OSS Diary, 26th February 2017, for The Adventurer.

Myer Krulfeld - for The Lunar Pit see Poor Deadly Moonmen.

Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr. - for Signboard of Space see the extract,
                                                    Silent remains of a lost Martian civilization.
                                                 For The Forgiveness of Tenchu Taen see
                                                     The multi-ethnic capital of Mars.
                                                 For Slaves of Rhythm see
                                                      Terran captives brought to a city on Saturn.

Henry Kuttner - see The Kuttner-Moore Venus; see also Treble Trouble on Titan.
The Star Parade see the extract,
                                      Warm season at the Martian equator.
                          See The Twonky for a podcast on the Lewis Padgett (Kuttner and
                                   C L Moore) story.
                          For Hollywood on the Moon see
                                    Tidal peril on a Mars-crossing asteroid.

Joe R Lansdale - for The King of Cheap Romance see The Cold White North of Mars.

Philip Latham - for Missing Men of Saturn see the Saturn page; also, the Diary for
                               8th October 2016, expressing a delighted initial reaction to the book;
                               and the later entry entitled Wayward and disorderly space adventure.
                               Extracts can be found in what to see on Saturn and
                                        Rockscape on Rhea.

Keith Laumer

Gustave Le Rouge - see also the OSS Diary, 15th October 2016, for
              points in favour of his version of Mars.  Also, for favourable comparison
              with the work of Edwin Lester Arnold see the Diary for 8th December 2016.
              For this site's changed approach to Le Rouge see
                                      Leeway for John Carter's French Predecessor.

Fritz Leiber - see Gather, Darkness!
                      See also the Diary, A Book I Want to Like, for The Big Time.
The Wanderer see Celestial Intruders.

Murray Leinster - for Space-Can see the Diary entries, Bellyaching Spacemen and
                                              Ganymede as a Frontier.
                             For Incident on Calypso see Permissible Invention of Moons.
                             For Keyhole see the extract,
                                              Rapport with a lungless native of the Moon.
                             For De Profundis see the extract, Intelligence in Earth's ocean deeps.

J N Leonard - for Flight Into Space see 1956 - The Last Hope for Old Mars?

Milton Lesser - for The Graveyard of Space see Space Sargassoes.

Thomas Levenson - The Hunt for Vulcan.

David D Levine:  for The Wreck of the Mars Adventure see Sailing the Seven Spaceways.
                           See also Arabella of Mars.

C S Lewis - see also the pages on Perelandra
                     and on Out of the Silent Planet - an Overview
                     For That Hideous Strength see
                        the pages on religion and on hyper-brains.

David Lindsay

Hugh Lofting - for Dr Dolittle In the Moon see the Diary, The Torn-Off Moon.

Frank Belknap Long Jr. - for Red Moon see the OSS Diary for 12th March 2017.
                     For The Shadow Dwellers see the extract, Venusian Rite of Passage.
                     For Time Trap see Lair of a moon creature.

H P Lovecraft.   See also Lovecraft's Moon and H P Lovecraft - Misunderstood?  

J T McIntosh - for One In Three Hundred see the OSS Diary, 4th December 2016, and
                                           Distending Worlds.

R W Mackleworth - for the Moon made habitable in Starflight 3000 see the Diary entry,
                                        A Book that Veers Away.
                                        See also Air and water have come to the Moon, and
                                            the Gazetteer entries on craters Bailly and Hippalus,
                                                on the Doerfel Mountains and on the Mare Nubium.

Damian Macrae - see Arden Archer   

Charles Eric Maine - for Countdown see Secretive Old Space Program; also some
                                     comments in the Diary for 2nd November 2016.
                                  For The Man Who Owned the World see the Gazetteer entry
                                        on London and the extract What counts as grass on Mars.
                                  For Timeliner see the Gazetteer entry on Ptolemaeus. and the
                                        entries on the Fictional Dates timeline for 1959 and 2035.
                                  For The Darkest of Nights see the Gazetteer entry on Hyde Park.

Michael J Martinez - see the OSS Diary for 26th October 2016;
                                 and the OSS Diary for 10th January 2017.

Lawrence Manning - see Fletcher Pratt and Lawrence Manning

David I Masson - for Mouth of Hell see Tilted Landscape, Pre-Kroth.

Sean McMullen - for The Miocene Arrow see A Prehistoric World War.

Graham McNeil - see the podcast for The Last Church.

Julian May - for The Many-Coloured Land see the Gazetteer entry on Lyon.

P Schuyler Miller - for excerpts from The Cave see Mars Quiz. and What to see on Mars.

Walter M Miller - for Crucifixus Etiam see Sacrifices for a future Mars and
                                                                       The human cost of terraforming Mars.
                           For I Made You see Telemetry-bane.
                           For Big Joe and the Nth Generation see
                                       Loss of artificial atmosphere on Mars.

Michael Moorcock - see the Themes page for links to comparisons between
                                 his Old Mars and Burroughs' Barsoom.
                                 e.g. for City of the Beast see How Not to Do It - and How to Do It.
                                 See also the extract, A Blue City on the Red Planet.
                                 For a critique of a short tale set on an OSS Mars see
                                        Thoughts on Michael Moorcock's The Lost Canal.

C L Moore  - see C L Moore's Tales of Northwest Smith and
                                    The Kuttner-Moore Venus
See also under Lewis Padgett [Henry Kuttner and C L Moore].

Patrick Moore - for his Mars see the OSS Diary for 22nd November 2016 and
                               Accelerated evolution on Mars.
                          For a great Mars-trip "recruitment moment"
                            see the Diary for 11th August 2016,
                                quoting from Mission to Mars.
                        For his delightful youngsters' guide to palaeontology and
                          Earth history, True Book About the Earth, see
                            the Diary, 24th November 2016.

Dan Morgan - for The Several Minds see the Gazetteer entries for Grosvenor Square
                                         and Yarborough.
                       For The Country of the Mind see the Gazetteer entries
                                          for Trafalgar Square and Westminster.

William Morrison - for Country Doctor see Ganymedean Colossus.
                              For The Weather on Mercury see Mountainous monster on Mercury.

Sam Moskowitz - for World of Mockery see A startling apparition on Ganymede.

Ron Mucklestone - see The Horse-Men of Ganymede and
                                        Love in the Mountains of Venus

Stanley Mullen - for Master of the Moondog see A rough mining-town on the Moon.
                           For Cosmic Castaway see A military station on Pluto.

James W Murphy - see  A Life of Leisure and Renewed VigorCutter Pristine;
                                         The Lost Rings of Saturn.

Larry Niven - for Wait it Out see the Pluto page;
                      for The Coldest Place see The Darkside of Mercury and
                                    the OSS Diary, 26th December 2016;
                      for Becalmed in Hell see the page on hyper-brains;
                      for the Plutonian conflagration in World of Ptavvs see the Diary,
                                    Niven and Clarke on the Cusp.  For remarks about
                                    Jupiter in connection with the same novel, see
                                    Leaving well alone.

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle - see the OSS Diary, 8th April 2017,
                           for the brief suspicion of Saturnians in Footfall.
                Gazetteer references in Footfall:  see  Bellingham  -  Mauna Kea  - 
                           Mauna Loa  -  San Bernardino  -  Tarzana  -  Washington D.C.
                Gazetteer references in Lucifer's Hammer:  see  Lake Success  -  Porterville  - 

Garth Nix - for By Frogsled and Lizardback to Outcast Venusian Lepers
                      see the extract, Rainy swampy fecund Venus.

Alan E Nourse - see Brightside Crossing
                          For The Native Soil see Pot Luck on Venus.
                          See To the Belt with Alan E Nourse for Scavengers in Space.

Kenneth O'Hara:  see Bryce Walton.

Joseph O'Neill - for Land Under England see A Dimly Glowing Realm Inside the Earth.

Chad Oliver - for The Reporter see Conversation in a Martian Bar.

R Olsen - see Project Utopia.

Ted Olson - for The Conquering Will see Roll Off A Tangent podcast 46.

Lewis Padgett [= Henry Kuttner and C L Moore] - see podcast on The Twonky.

Mervyn Peake  

H Beam Piper - for Omnilingual see the Alien Scripts page

Frederick Pohl - see the Roll Off A Tangent podcast for The Tunnel Under the World.

Frederick Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth - for The Space Merchants see
                                                               No walkabout for first man on Venus.

Fletcher Pratt - for Asylum Satellite see
                                    Fletcher Pratt and the creaky Cold-War space program.

Fletcher Pratt and Lawrence Manning -
                               for Expedition to Pluto see Life in Pluto's Fluorine Ocean.

Mike Resnick - see In the Tombs of the Martian Kings.

John Murray Reynolds - for Goddess of the Moon see the extract,
                                                Insect-Men on the Surface of the Moon.

E V Rieu, The Unicorn - see Relations with the Real.

Chris Roberson - for Mariner see Pirates on Mars Again.

Ross Rocklynne - for The Bubble Dwellers see Fatal attraction of the hot side of Vulcan;
                             for The Empress of Mars see Rocklynne's Far-Future Mars;
                             for The Forbidden Dream see The dying culture of Ganymede;
                             for The Men and the Mirror see Arrival at a domed city on Jupiter.

Alva Rogers - re A Requiem For Astounding see the Diary, 27 November 2016,
                        regarding the significance of the year 1941 in the history of
                            magazine sf.

R H Romans - see Land Rush, King Rush, Moon Rush: R H Romans' Lunar Epic of 1930

Mary Rosemblum - see Shoals.

Jamie Ross - see The Lúthian Chronicles and The Magistrate.
                            For non-fiction see The Reality Distortion Field.
                            For Beyond Despair see Rebuilt on Uranus.
                            For Europa Dive see A monster from under the ice of Europa.

Eric Frank Russell - see also the page on Sentinels From Space

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - for Le Petit Prince see
                                                   The Humanistic Asteroids and the Lonely Earth

Levi Seeley - see Home  

Carl Selwyn - for The Citadel of Death see Fast growth on Vulcan.
                       For Exiles of the Three Red Moons see Exile on Pluto.

Garrett P Serviss - for Edison's Conquest of Mars see Creakers.
                               For A Columbus of Space see Prismatic peaks on Venus.

Al Sevcik - see The Solar System, the Universe and Everything   

Bob Shaw - for Fire Pattern see At the North Pole of Mercury and the Gazetteer entry
                                          for Ulverston.
                      For The Peace Machine see the Gazetteer entries on Bolton and Damascus.

Robert Sheckley - for the Mars of Meeting of the Minds see
                                         Another lot who don't know how lucky they are.
                            For Alone At Last, see
                                         A Contrasting Pair of Asteroidal Hermits.
                            See also an extract from Prospector's Special for Sheckley's Venus.
                            However a different, more peculiar Shecklian view of our sister planet
                                       can be see in A twilit snowy Venus (an extract from
                                                   Earth, Air, Fire and Water).

Rupert Sheldrake - for the morphic resonance concept see categories of thought
                                          on the religion page

Robert Silverberg - for Lair of the Dragonbird see A Unique Venusian
                               For A Piece of the Great World see
                                              Multi-species culture layer on far-future Earth.

Clifford D Simak

Clark Ashton Smith - see also the page on The Immortals of Mercury

Cordwainer Smith - for The Dead Lady of Clown Town see Miami in the Gazetteer.

E E "Doc" Smith - see the page on Ganymede;
                               see the Jupiter page for a nice one-line description
                                                 of the Jovian jungle 
                                and a more detailed consideration of the hexans and their foes.
                               See the OSS Diary, 30th March 2017, for Jovian telemorphs,
                                       human and hexan, in Spacehounds of IPC.
                                       For that novel see also An ice-city on Titan, and,
                                       for the Battle of North Polar Jupiter, see
                                              Decisive Battles of the Old Solar System.
                               Extracts:  Deadly Ganymedean Plant-Animal  +  Battle on Jupiter.
                               For an scene from First Lensman see Encounter on Pluto.

Evelyn E Smith - for The Vilbar Party see Saturnian Teddy-Bears.

George O Smith - for The Planet Mender see A mobile station on Uranus.

William Spencer - for The Eternal Machines see A Planet Named Chaos.

Clint Spivey - see The Lost Cosmonaut and Saucer Six  

Olaf Stapledon

Chas. A Stearns - for The Grave of Solon Regh see
                                        Terran grave-robber headed for doom on Mars.
                             For The Pluto Lamp see Interstellar meteor rain upon Pluto.

Allen M Steele - see Allen M Steele's Enigmatic Mars;
                          for Avengers of the Moon see The Captain Returns and
                                 Retaliators of Luna.

Robert Louis Stevenson - for The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde see
                                                podcast number 86 in the Roll Off A Tangent series.

George R Stewart - for Earth Abides see the Gazetteer entries for Central Park and

Brett Stirling - see A Different Slant on Captain Future.

S M Stirling - see also the pages on The Sky People;
In the Courts of the Crimson Kings; and A Coercive of Mars 

Richard Storey - for Menace of the Mists see
                                        Centaurpedes of Venus encroaching on land.

David Stringer - for High Eight see An electrical monster.

Donald Suddaby - see Prisoners of Saturn

Paul Tabori - for The Doomsday Brain see the Gazetteer entries for: 
                                Ambleside, the Gobi Desert, Sofia and Tirana.
                                     See also the Fictional Dates page.
                     For The Survivors see the Gazetteer entry on Geneva.

William F Temple - for Shoot at the Moon see the Moon page
                                            and the OSS Diary for 20th January 2017
                                                               and 6th April 2017.
                                            See also the Gazetteer entry for Mare Nubium.
                              For Martin Magnus, Planet Rover see
                                           Latest nugget from the OSS goldmine, and the extract,
                                                 Decapod natives of the Moon.
                              For Coco-Talk see On guard against the chameleon folk of Venus.

William Tenn - for Ricardo's Virus see Intelligent Lizard-Bird on Venus.

Theodore L Thomas - for The Fatal Third see
                                                  Being briefed on the inhabitants of Uranus.

Patrick Tilley - for Fade-Out see the Gazetteer entry on Montana.

J R R Tolkien - see Tolkien: Tangential Wonder.

E C Tubb - for Moon Base see the OSS Diary, 10th February 2017
                               and 17th February 2017.  See also
                                         Trouble-shooting psychologist on the Moon.

Catherynne M Valente - see the Clues/News page for Radiance and 
                                         More Reaction to Radiance.

Raymond Van Houten - for The Last Martian see Attacked by a predator on Mars.

Jack Vance - for The Dying Earth see Far-future re-use of transport on Earth.
                            See also podcasts discussing Turjan of Miir and Guyal of Sfere.
                     For his "Gaean Reach" novels see The surprisingly human Vancian future.

A E van Vogt

Jack Vance - for Dover Spargill's Ghastly Floater see Giving the Moon an atmosphere.
                      For Parapsyche see Involuntary creation of OSS worlds.
                      See the podcast for Guyal of Sfere in Vance's far-future series
                               The Dying Earth.

John Varley - for 1955 (article), see the OSS Diary, 7th December 2016.

Henri Viard - for Les Soleils Verts / The Green Suns see Peculiar History of the Moon
                                and Origins of Martian Ruthlessness.

Arthur Vibert - see The Answer at the End of the World   

Harl Vincent - for Callisto at War see Flying over an ocean on Callisto;
                       for The Copper-Clad World see Ionian gradations;
                       for Lost City of Mars see A city inside Phobos
                                                       and Splendid canal city on Mars;
                       for Prince Deru Returns see Descent through the clouds of Rhea;
                       for Vagabonds of Space see A Panorama of Europa;
                       for Vulcan's Workshop see Forced labour on Vulcan.

Kurt Vonnegut

Howard Waldrop - for The Dead Sea Bottom Scrolls see Academia on Mars.

F L Wallace - for Tangle Hold see Settler cityscape on Venus.

J M Walsh - for The Vanguard to Neptune see Neptunian Allure.  See also the
                                extract, The Lamp-lit Fields of Neptune.

Hugh Walters - for Blast Off At Woomera see The Old Space Program
nd the OSS Diary for 12th August 2016;
                         for Operation Columbus see the Diary, 4th November 2016.
                         For an extract from Moon Base One see
                                  A hostile mist on the Moon.
                         See also Hugh Walters and the Moon.
                         For Expedition Venus see Spongy touch-down on Venus and
                               Hugh Walters and the run-up to interplanetary voyages.
                         For Destination Mars see A mossy landing-site on Mars.
                         Gazetteer entries:  Guernsey, from The Blue Aura;
                                     Theobalds Road, from The Last Disaster.

Bryce Walton - for The Green Dream see Vengeance a-brewing in the swamps of Venus.
                         For The Mating of the Moons (writing as Kenneth O'Hara) see
                                            Transcorporeal life on Mars.

Donald Wandrei - for Finality Unlimited see the Sun-page section, Mountains on the Sun,
                                           and the slightly expanded extract,
                                                                  Reborn on the far-future solidified Sun

Henry Ward - see Henri Viard.

Stanley G Weinbaum

Manly Wade Wellman - for The Solar Invasion see Ul Quorn Back from the Dead.
                     For Worlds of Tomorrow see the Ceres page and the extract,
                                                                               Enclaves on Ceres.

Basil Wells - for Queen of the Blue World see
                                                 Earth through the eyes of a visiting Martian.

H G Wells - for The War of the Worlds
                     see Martian Landings in The War of The Worlds;
                                  Global Dispatches and Extraordinary Gentlemen;
                                  The Date of the Invasion; and (re teaching the book)
                                      Martians in the Classroom.
                    for The Time Machine see the Diary entries, A Far-Future Night Sky
                                  and A Park-Like Future Earth?
                                  and the extract, Giant crustaceans on a far-future Earth.
                   For The First Men in the Moon see that page and also
                                         the Diary entry, Lunar Brains.
                    For The Crystal Egg see Beetles or winged folk - who rules Mars?
                           regarding a misreading of the story.  For an extract see
                                                  A view from a mast on Mars.
                    See the Gazetteer for extracts from The War of the Worlds with regard
                             to Horsell Common and Weybridge.
                    For The New Accelerator see the Gazetteer entry for Folkestone.
                    For In the Abyss see An unhuman city on Earth's sea-floor.
                    For The Shape of Things to Come see the Gazetteer entry for Megève
                              and also the Fictional Dates timeline (2059 and 2104).

Hal K Wells - for The White Brood see Purple spiders and glistening fungi on Io.
                      For Moon of Mad Atavism see Metalloid-mineraloid life on Titan.

Herbert George Wells - see under H G Wells

Jack West - for Revolt on Io see Space-Western Admixture
                                                    and Io and the Great Red Spot.

Wallace West - for Dawningsburgh see One step up from Bradbury's Martian resistance.

Chester Whitehorn - for Coming of the Gods see A Mars of jungles and clearings.

George A Whittington - for Mists of Mars see Deadly white mist on Mars.

Tad Williams - for Otherland vol.1: City of the Golden Shadow see
                                                  Computer simulation of Old Mars.

Jack Williamson - for The Crucible of Power
                            see the OSS Diary, 26th January 2017;
                             for Operation Gravity see the Diary entry entitled
                                          Science Points the Way - Now Go and Play;
                              for The Plutonian Terror
                                 see the Pluto page and the hyper-brains page;
                              for Salvage in Space see the Titania page.
                              For The Moon Era see ancient inhabited Moon and
                                   the extract, On the Moon in ancient days.
                              For Born of the Sun see Living Worlds.
                              For Seetee Ship see Partially terraformed Pallas.
                              For Islands of the Sun see Conflict between worlds inside the Sun.

Colin Wilson

R R Winterbotham - for The Red Planet see Discovering the flora and fauna of Mars.
                                 For The Thought-Men of Mercury see
                                                     Telepathic natives of Mercury.

Gene Wolfe - for far-future Earth-strata
                        see the OSS Diary, 28 January 2017 with a quote from
                              The Sword of the Lictor; and, from the same book, the answer to
                               Moon Quiz excerpt 3.
                       Podcasts:  The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories  - 
                               The Death of Doctor Island.

Tom Wolfe - see the OSS Diary for 16th May 2018.

Donald A Wollheim - for The Secret of Saturn's Rings see
                                                             Gazing across the Cassini Division;
                                  for The Man from Ariel see the page for Ariel
                                  For The Planet That Time Forgot see
                                             Slow-motion culture on Planet X.
                                  For Umbriel see Squishy terrain on Umbriel.

Basil Wolverton - for Space Patrol (comic) see
                                  Fleeing from the Mole-Men of Mercury.

William Wordsworth - for Peter Bell, A Tale see the History of Hopes page entry for
                                            the year 1798.

John Wyndham - see Time to Rest, and the extract Chugging along a canal on Mars;
                   the Roll Off A Tangent Time To Rest podcast discussion and the podcast on its
                      sequel, No Place Like Earth.
                   See the OSS Diary, 6th February 2017 for The Last Lunarians.
                   For Wyndham and the fecund Venus of The Outward Urge, see
                        the Diary for 16th November 2016.
                   Also re The Outward Urge, see the extracts Wrecked and alone on Mars
                                      and Crazy machines on the Moon.
                   For The Kraken Wakes see the Diary for 9th December 2016, and
                             Recent Reading and 1953.  See also the Gazetteer's entry on
                              Gijon, Spain.
                   For Exiles on Asperus see the Asteroids page and the extract,
                              A richly forested asteroid.
                   For Stowaway to Mars see Martians - Cheerful or Fatalistic?   and
                                         Captured by intelligent Martian machines.
                   See also the Diary entry referring to a youtube
                                         Interview with John Wyndham
                   For the locations in The Day of the Triffids see
                                                          Lore of an island on Planet Three.
                   For Chocky see the Gazetteer entry on Cheshunt.
                   For The Chrysalids see the Gazetteer entries on Labrador and Rigolet.

Robert F Young - for The First Mars Mission see Ambivalent Mars.

Arthur Leo Zagat - for Venus Station see Fungus forest on Venus;
                              for The Great Dome on Mercury see Snouted natives of Mercury.

Roger Zelazny - A Rose for Ecclesiastes.
                For The Doors of his Face, the Lamps of his Mouth see The Zelazny Venus.

Xiangjun Zeng - see The Adventures of Longtail; for the sources of XZ's future history see
                                      Field Observations from a Far-Future Mars - and beyond
                                  XZ's own website is:  A Distant Sun.  
                                  A tale unrelated to the above is: Devil's Daughter.

Nikita Zuev - see Delegators