old solar system

1 - system-wide

Guess the World - the primal 100 scenes    

Guess the World - Open

Guess the World - Third Series

Guess the World - Fourth Series

Guess the World - Fifth Series

Guess the work and the author  

2 - world-specific

Here the idea is to have two types of quiz, in pairs, so that each complements the other, and to alternate between them.

One type is Tale-To-Author.  Here you find an excerpt and you can answer by giving the name of the author.

The other is the Author-To-Tale.  Here you find the name of the author and you can answer by giving the story.

I as quizmaster swap back and forth, as follows:

One day I'll put something in a Tale-To-Author quiz, next day you can find the answer in the corresponding Author-To-Tale quiz.  But as well as an answer, you'll find a new question, an Author-To-Tale question this time, to which, the following day, you can find the answer back in the Tale-To-Author quiz...

And so on, merrily oscillating; and I'll display the names (real or assumed) of the glorious winners.

I'm hoping that we'll have more winners this time, than in the old Competition which was too hard for most of you (I blame the educational system).  Why will this one be more accessible?  Because - I shall do it planet by planet.  Thus narrowed down, it should give you more of a chance.  I'll start with Mars.

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Dylan Jeninga - 5 points

Troy Jones - 2 points