what to see on
the asteroid progenitor planet

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northwest smith has a vision of
     the asteroid progenitor planet

He thought he saw mighty landscapes ringed by such mountains as none of today’s world know… he thought he saw a whiter sun than has shone for eons, lighting a land where rivers thundered between green banks…  thought he saw many moons parading across a purple night wherein shone constellations that haunted him with familiarity in the midst of their strangeness…  saw a green star where red Mars should be, and a far pin-prick of white where the green point that is Earth hangs.  Cities reeled past across the crystal darkness in shapes stranger than any that history records.  Peaks and spires and angled domes towered high and shining under the hot white sun – strange ships riding the airways…  He saw battles – weapons that have no names today blasting the tall towers into ruins…  saw triumphant marches where creatures that might have been the forerunners of men paraded in a blaze of color through shining streets…  strange, sinuous creatures, half seen, that were men, yet not men… 

He saw the man-things in their great shining cities bowing down before a – something – of darkness that spread monstrously across the white-lit heavens…  saw the beginnings of Great Pharol… saw the crystal throne in a room of crystal where the sinuous, man-formed beings lay face down in worshipping windrows about a great triple pedestal…

C L Moore, Dust of the Gods (Weird Tales, August 1934)

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