about us

Zendexor is a British sf critic.  His collaborators Harlei and Stid suffer from the disadvantage of non-existence -

Stid:  Charming.  Look, you're making Harlei cry. 

Zendexor:  - but they are useful in other ways. 

Stid:  Thanks, that's big of you.  Look, at least you could stop referring to yourself in the third person.  And be more specific about why we are useful -

Zendexor:  Very well.  Let me explain.  Many ideas are much more easily and efficiently presented in dialogue form, than if they had to be laboriously set forth in antithetical constructions - and so you, Stid and Harlei, by your clashes, protests and misunderstandings do your bit to help the discussion along.

I meanwhile, with the extra clout that comes from existence, assume the role of umpire.

That is all.  Let's get cracking.

Harlei:  What about feedback from readers?

Zendexor:  That's always welcome and may be given via Your Views; or comments may be emailed to:


- or readers may accept particular invitations to comment, as and when they appear, on certain pages of the site itself.

May I add, that the comments received so far from readers have proved to be extremely popular with other readers.  We seem to be embarked upon a project to build a community of OSS fans.

My ultimate hope is, that some of these readers will also turn out to be authors, and will produce some works on the lines of those suggested on our tales unwritten page; or at least, that the readers will support such authors as and when they appear.  Readers will note that a start has been made - see the titles under "CREATION" on the navigation bar.

The more NOSS authors are encouraged, the more treats we'll all have to read.

That's what we are, first and foremost: encouragers.  We may occasionally carp, but positive criticism is where the emphasis lies.

For the identity of Zendexor see Turning Over a New Leaf.