do-it-yourself anthologies

This page sprang from an idea by Dylan Jeninga while we were discussing the need for an anthology of Old Mercury stories.  (See the discussion entitled Mercury Awaits; entries for 27th September 2016.)  In Dylan's words:

"It might be helpful to make 'do it yourself anthologies' on the site. So, if the reader were interested in, say, stories about the Asteroid Progenitor Planet, then we could make a page with links to places online where each story we know of may be bought. We could even write up little blurbs for each story, and give the collections titles like they might have had if they were published. It could be a good way to get the good stuff all in one place."

This might be something best done by co-operative effort.  We, the OSS community of fans, could build these anthologies together.

Alternatively, if one of you comes up with a full-fledged anthology spec - well, nothing could be better!  Let me know and I'll turn it into a page.


Old Mercury

the moon



Atlantis of the Solar System

the REALM OF THE gas giants

On Jovian Soil - [subtitle: Surface Roving on the Giant Worlds]

Mysteries of the Outer Satellites

outermost reaches

Beyond Pluto - [subtitle: the outermost reaches of the Solar System]