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looking around cautiously on neptune

...On the side of the planet away from the sun where they had expected to find darkness, they were astonished to find very little points of light.  Dana was puzzled and at a complete loss to explain it.

At  last, on the shore of a great, placid lake they found a wide clearing.  Something had happened to leave it almost devoid of vegetation as far as they could see.  There were rocky pinnacles and great rolling hills of solid rock.  Near the edge of the jungle a shallow river meandered among the hills and emptied into the lake.  Beyond the river the gullies gradually merged with the hill tops to form a plateau.

Dana lowered the ship and settled it gently upon the top of a low hill beyond the river.

"Let's get out here and look around," he suggested.  "We'd better take that little machine gun along; or maybe better, the portable death ray."

Henrik Dahl Juve, The Monsters of Neptune (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Summer 1930)

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on the neptunian ocean

...Vasc Avam, steering their long, tubular craft, turned his green face worriedly from the wheel.

"We'll have to run beneath surface or these waves will smash us to pieces!" the Jovian mine-boss exclaimed.

"Go ahead - but keep right after Orr Libro's boat," Carson Brand directed.

The Martian's craft was also submerging, ahead.  Vasc Avam shifted the control of the deflecting rudders and their own boat slid down and throbbed along twenty feet under the surface.

Captain Future, deep in thought, looked out through the transparent wall of their craft at the lightning-lit waters they were travelling through.  Each violet glare showed the teeming life of the sea about them.

Shoals of brilliant, sparkling "diamond-fish" flashed away, like living gems.  "Air-fish", those weird winged creatures that could live with equal ease in the air or in the sea, flew away in startled undersea flight...

Edmond Hamilton, Captain Future's Challenge (1940, 1967)

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a deserted city on neptune

...a tenseness held all of us as our great flier's faceted polyhedron dropped on through the pale light beneath the great roof toward the black-walled, chequer-board like city that stretched across the surface of the great world beneath us.  And now, as we sank lower, our eyes were making out ever more clearly the details of that amazing city.

The rectangular black-walled compartments held, as we had half-realized from above, various strange-shaped mechanisms and objects which we could even now only vaguely discern.  We could see clearly, though, that here and there across all the vast city's compartmented surface there stood giant metal globes, each a hundred feet in diameter and each occupying a square compartment of its own.  There seemed hundreds of these gleaming globes, scattered here and there in compartments across the city's surface as far as we could see...

Edmond Hamilton, The Universe Wreckers (Amazing Stories, May-July 1930)

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the lamp-lit fields of neptune

...The clouds had passed and a golden glory was settling over the face of the countryside.  While we stared, wondering how this could possibly be, we saw what perhaps we had overlooked before.  Set at intervals about the countryside were great many-faceted concave mirrors.  At least that was what they looked like to us.  Each was set on a vast straddle of lattice-like girders, and each, from the slight movements we saw as we watched, seemed capable of sweeping the full circumference of the sky. 

But that was not all.  Between each pair of mirrors was another lattice-like structure, bearing at its top a great, glowing golden ball, a thing so huge and so brilliant that its size stunned us and the upthrust of its rays almost blinded us.

"Artificial suns," said someone in an awed tone.  "They've solved the secret of atomic energy!"

J M Walsh, The Vanguard To Neptune (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Spring 1932)

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