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For each excerpt, you gain 2 points for giving the author and the title of the story; 1 point for giving just one of them. 

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21st january 2017     excerpt 1: 

[The conversation occurs on Earth; Allan is from the Moon colony.]

..."Say, Allan, I'm going to take a couple of out-of-town buyers around to the hot spots tomorrow night.  Come along."

"Thanks a lot, but we're going out in the country."

"Oh, you can't afford to miss this party.  After all, you've been buried on the Moon; you owe yourself some relaxation after that deadly monotony."

Allan felt his cheeks getting warm.  "Thanks just the same, but - ever seen the Earth View Room in Hotel Moon Haven?"

"No.  Plan to take the trip when I've made my pile, of course."

"Well, there's a night club for you.  Ever seen a dancer leap thirty feet into the air and do slow rolls on the way down?  Ever try a lunacy cocktail?  Ever seen a juggler work in low gravity?"

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answer to excerpt 2:

Curt Newton glimpsed the centipedal monsters, as though enraged by the possible escape of their prey, darting forward with lightning speed.

With a fast movement, Curt flung the hand lamp up into the niche.  As its angling blue beam whirled and sliced the dark, Captain Future leaped upward with all the force of his own highly trained muscles.

His hands came several feet short of the niche's edge.  But Otho, hanging down over the edge, grabbed Curt's wrists and started to pull him up.

"Hurry, Otho!" cried the Brain.  "The creatures are following - "

The centipedal horrors had flung themselves up the side of the rock wall after Curt, by the impetus of their fierce rush.  Curt felt a sharp pain as fangs grazed his lower leg.

Otho yanked him into the niche...

This is from Edmond Hamilton's Outlaws of the Moon (1942).

29th january 2017     excerpt 3:

...When I had first come to realize, as a boy, that the green circle of the moon was in fact a sort of island hung in the sky, whose color derived from forests, now immemorially old, planted in the earliest days of the race of Man, I had formed an intention of going there...

Now that old longing was rekindled again, and though it seemed to have grown more absurd still with the passage of the years (for surely the little apprentice I had been had more chance of flashing between the stars at last than the hunted outcast I had become) it was immensely firmer and stronger because I had learned in the intervening time the folly of limiting desire to the possible.  I would go, I was resolved.  For the remainder of my life I would be sleeplessly alert for any opportunity, however slight...

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