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a jungle parth on umbriel

...Luminous insects swarmed around them, and moon-pigs coughed and grunted nearby.  They were following a vague Greenie path that ran westward.  Whitey stopped suddenly to detour carefully around a rotted trunk, upon the side of which hung two things like bulging white pods.

"Blood-fungi," grated the old man to Crane.  "Don't touch 'em - they're the most horrible way you can die, if you break one."

Then Whitey raised his voice in an echoing call.

"Kruppa!  Where the devil are you?"

Crane sensed something tense, foreboding, about this darkening jungle.  Or was it just that his nerves were harp-string taut?

"Kruppa!" yelled Whitey again.  This time came a distant answer.

They pressed forward, and entered a little glade in the jungle...  A huge, grotesque object towered at its center, and Kruppa was coming toward them from that point.

"What the devil are you doing here, fooling around the Greenies' god?" Whitey demanded of the Venusian...

Edmond Hamilton, The Revolt on the Tenth World (Amazing Stories, November 1940)

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