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The ninth and outermost moon of Saturn...

slaves on phoebe

…Behind those dull red eyes were perceptions wholly alien to Man’s, senses to which the distinctive personalities of the men were things as obvious as are apples or oranges to eyes and fingers.

Brilliant lights flashed on all along the landing strip.  Thin nictating membranes descended over the eyes of the approaching Woollies, and the gang came to a simultaneous halt.  They sank slowly to their haunches on the iron-hard, fire-cold surface, and in the act became less like fur-clad men and more like crouching, hairy beasts. 

Bill Bill hunkered unmoving in his place, but his peculiar senses were probing with an unusual curiosity at the familiar minds of the three men.  The one who had just risen from bending over the switchbox was named Paige, and, when Big Bill’s mind touched his, the Woolly felt an odd apathy behind which something tense and secret smouldered like a fire banked under ashes.  And the fire was hate…

Robert Abernathy, Failure on Titan (Planet Stories, Winter 1947)

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