a e van vogt and the old solar system

A E van Vogt was one of the greatest of all Golden Age classic sf authors - justly renowned for his imagery and the sheer potency of his plots and scenes.  

A vintage van Vogt story is likely to stay in the mind like the blaze of a vivid dream.  It doesn't have to make rational sense (which is just as well, since it often doesn't) - it just is.

His work is mainly terrestrial or interstellar, but he did not entirely neglect the Solar System.  One of his most memorable stories is set on Europa - and is surely the best Europan story in existence.

world by world

On Venus - The World of Null-A  and A Can of Paint.
                     See also a nice snippet about a Venusian squid in
Film Library
                     For an interesting report about Venus, see the ending of
The Great Engine.

On a far-future Earth - The Book of Ptath.

On Mars - Vault of the Beast and The Enchanted Village
                   Also brief interesting passages in
Slan and The Weapon Shops of Isher.

On EuropaRepetition.

The Book of Ptath (1947); "A Can of Paint" (Astounding, September 1944); "The Enchanted Village" (Other Worlds Science Stories, 1950); "Film Library" (Astounding, July 1946); "The Great Engine" (Astounding, July 1943); "Repetition" (Astounding, April 1940); Slan (Astounding, Sept-Dec 1940; Arkham House, 1946); The Weapon Shops of Isher (1951); The World of Null-A (1948); "Vault of the Beast" (Astounding, 1940)

For The World of Null-A see the OSS Diary, 22 January 2017, and a later Diary entry, Attitude-Fun.

For an excerpt from The Great Engine, see Venus Quiz.

For Empire of the Atom and The Wizard of Linn see the OSS Diary, 5th March 2017.
               Also see the Diary, Fail-Safe Consqeuences, for the amazing scientific
                  beliefs in Empire of the Atom, concerning the proximity of Mars and the
                     velocity of spaceships.

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