A Present for Zendexor

by Dylan
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Zendexor, I was reading the Saturn page again and was moved to search around for that long lost treasure of yours, Prisoners of Saturn. I struck gold, and now present you with the treasure map:


Now, it's not cheap - 35 quid, as you Brits say in our American movies. But it IS in the UK, so no overseas shipping, if that helps! Besides, how valuable is a treasure, really, if you don't have to sacrifice something to obtain it?

It's also a bit worn, but, hopefully, still readable!

In regards to Mission to the Tenth Planet, no worries. If you'd like to discuss directions for the story, I'd be happy to, but there's really no rush.

Congrats to Jupiter and Earth on the respective victories, the two king planets retain their royal status. I was pleased to see Wanderers of Mars is still getting some views, it motivates me to finish another, hopefully better tale - I'm a bit stuck at the moment. I'll get there, though!

I'm currently reading "Mars" by Ben Bova, which purports to be a NSS tale about the first exploration of Mars by humans. It quite expertly lives up to that promise until, wonderfully, an ancient Martian city is discovered in the cliffs of Valles Marineris!

Technically, once could still argue that it's an NSS tale, as we don't KNOW that there are no cities on Mars, but I think most would discount it as hard sci-fi these days. The artifacts of sentient Martians seem to place is squarely in the NOSS to me!

{Z: wow, many thanks for the tip about Prisoners of Saturn - a book I have read twice in my life but never owned. This could be a chance.

"Wanderers of Mars", every month so far, has been one of the reliably more-than-one-view-per-day "super-pages". Shows no signs of flagging. Looking forward to your next tale - and the one after that...

The Ben Bova book sounds intriguing. I haven't found him to be a great writer but maybe he's improved since I last tried him about a quarter of a century ago!! Lost Martian cities - sounds irresistible. I just hope it's not written in sh--ese.

As for the Tenth Planet - I'm just waiting for a dark sinister mood to seize me and then I'll produce something. Must activate my inner HPL.

I sense it will be a while before Earth is dethroned from supremacy in the Zones Cup. Mars is the only likely contender at the moment. But one never knows. That Plutonian surge a while back was amazing - though short-lived.}

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