Merry Christmas from Planet Earth!

by Dylan Jeninga
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

If Asimov's Christmas on Ganymede is to be believed, the Ganymedeans enjoy Christmas every two weeks and I am therefore rather late with this, but I wish a happy holiday to every intelligent being on every sphere and rock around the sun! I hope everyone has a pleasant one, and we'll see you all soon!

I shall likely be rather busy for the next few days, as my birthday falls on Dec. 31, but I will endeavor to make a post in the meantime!

{Z: And don't lets forget the Solarians themselves - a merry Christmas to them too, as they frolic around in the photosphere and bathe in the corona!

"Christmas on Ganymede" is a new one on me. Just shows I don't know Asimov as well as I should...

Meanwhile, Dylan, have a good run-up to your birthday, and then a happy follow-on New Year.}

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