Not a post, a question about post word limits.

by Liam

Hi, I'm asking for the word limits for the post. I have been working on something for the website a while now, but every time I try to post it, I get an error message relating to the word limit, but giving me an error message, not telling me what the word count is. It's a bit over 2,600 words, but I've seen longer ones, so I would like some clarification.
Thanks for your help. My email address is

Reply from Zendexor: Hi Liam - thanks for getting in touch; it's unfortunate that I don't know why your attempt led to an error message whereas longer ones did not. However we can easily get round that problem: simply send your article as a Word attachment to and I shall make a proper site-page out of it. It's better, anyhow, to do it that way, because links are far easier to do between full-blown pages than they are between "content2" comment-pages. So - I look forward to hearing from you by email.

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