Still in orbit!
An update and an intriguing discovery
A report by dylan jeninga

Kaor, OSS!


Some of you may have noticed I've been quiet of late. I can explain! I've been focusing on writing an OSS short story, but it's taken longer than I had hoped and I could delay no longer - I'm here, finally, with another travelogue. I thank you for your patience.


While perusing a local antique store, a book caught my eye which unfortunately cost 125 dollars, well beyond my current budget. The cover art was familiar, however, which makes me wonder if anyone else knows anything about it?

I photographed it for investigative purposes, at great personal risk to myself: the shopkeeper had a rule against the use of cellphones in his store.


My analysis of Old Mars will continue shortly. Just know that I am still here, dear reader, and I've not forgotten you!

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