Taking a Tour of the OSS

by Dylan
(Illinois, Wisconsin)

The article on the Seven Wonders of the OSS sent my mind down a number of avenues, and is on its own a pretty cool concept. Imagine an Interplanetary Travel Bureau, booking trips to the great sights and locations of the known worlds- I'd buy my tickets in a heartbeat, fiscal responsibility be damned. (In fact, the wall next to my bookcase is covered in faux travel posters devoted to this very fantasy. I'd add a picture, but alas, I'm not home at the moment.)

I'm surprised that you did not consider the canals of Mars, Zendexor. Surely, an engineering feat of such magnitude, visible from space and appearing in so many stories, might warrant consideration as a wonder?

I was happy to see the wall from Uranian Gleams made it on the list, it's a sign that the OSS continues to grow and prosper, and it's a worthy choice besides!

On another note, what would the seven natural wonders of the OSS be, if some intrepid traveler were to compile them? Obviously, Saturn's rings make the cut, OSS or NSS. Jupiter's great red spot is another easy choice, but which spot shall we choose? The Fire Sea of Captain Future and the Space Emperor? The berg-ridden storm of Hunters of the Sky Cave? Others are still more obscure. Perelandra'a floating islands or Amtor's stupendous trees? A comet's unlikely biosphere or - well, you get the idea. The OSS is so full of wonder that the decision would not be a simple one.

While we're on this list business, there's an even harder list I've thought about for a while. If you could build your ideal solar system, selecting each planet from a different story or stories, what worlds would you include?

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Apr 13, 2016
oops - yes the canals
by: Zendexor

Oops - yes I should have considered the Martian Canals. But then if networks of that magnitude are allowed, we also have to think of the Uranian monorails of the Zinc Era (as outlined in 'Uranian Gleams'). Then there's the Wellsian version of the Moon. Can't remember if the cavern system of the Selenites in 'The First Men in the Moon' is entirely natural or whether it has been artificially enhanced to any great extent... Sizzling Saturn, there's no end to all this.

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