Thoughts on the Earthlight Article

by Dylan
(Wisconsin, Illinois)

I was recently re-reading the Earthlight article (which, despite the forlorn view of my generation voiced at the end, I enjoyed), when two things occurred to me.

The first was that Zendexor need not write up such a vigorous defence for the book's inclusion to the OSS. The Lunar Cacti more than qualify it - I think most astrobiologists would agree that the odds against the existence of such complex life on the real Moon are astronomical (Har har).

The second was that, regardless of whether or not such a defence was necessary, I really liked it. I enjoyed it as an in depth look at a specific work, which isn't done often enough for OSS works.

Now that's not to say I think this website ought to become a blog of reviews for old books. I like it as is. The quest to find united characters for each world is an interesting one, and I'm enjoying journeying with Zendexor as he does it (and picking up some good reads while on the way). But it was an interesting diversion, and I think I may have to buy Earthlight next.

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Feb 17, 2016
the challenge
by: Zendexor

Thanks Dylan for drawing attention to the Earthlight article. It was quite a challenge, the attempt to do justice to such a superb novel, a novel which I have re-read more times than I can count. The surreptitious music of Clarke's style is beguiling, and this, combined with his mastery of the subject-matter and the expert construction of the tale, creates a classic.

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