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the natives of styx

...Curt and the two Futuremen started through the white forest toward the distant towers.

It was a ghostly forest.  The enormous, pallid club-mosses around them loomed a dozen feet above their heads.  A small, hairy white rodent darted across their path.  There were no other sounds.  Overhead stretched the semi-opaque curtain across the whole starred, dusky sky...

"Someone coming!" Otho hissed suddenly.

"Into the grass!" Curt ordered, flinging himself down into the tall, concealing white grasses.

Grag and Otho instantly followed his example.  Raising his head a little, Captain Future looked toward the city, from which direction was coming an increasing sound of muffled thudding.

Then he saw who came.  They were a dozen of the so-called Magicians - semi-human creatures with bodies covered by short, thick white fur, two-toed feet and two-fingered hands, and flattened, unhuman heads out of which stared huge, black, pupil-less eyes.

The Magicians were riding white, hairy beasts that reminded Curt of the ancient Earth kangaroo - beasts of burden that hopped along in giant leaps on two powerful legs, their heads held erect by reins running back to their strange riders...

Edmond Hamilton, Calling Captain Future (1940, 1967)

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