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Note: the headwords given below are in common to all three major Uranian languages: Jommdan (the original speech of the Hydrogen Era), Lurissuj and Nouuan.  The last two tongues diverged grammatically from the first but retain the original Jommdan vocabulary for key concepts.

agrash - a word translatable only by loose analogy with the Terran idea of a "holy fool", a kind of sacred simpleton.  (The analogy has to be loose because although the Uranian religious impulse exists, it is held in a kind of suspension: on Ooranye an "intermediate" numen, the World Spirit, currently takes the place of a completely transcendent God during this phase of deep time.)

alapatea - a term untranslatable into neat English: "anecdotalist-cum-socialite-poet-cum-reporter" gives some idea.

aong - "messenger-of-the-moment" - a role which often involves a theoretical reduction in status, but to which those who fulfil it rarely object, as it is an example of renl in action.

apparng - context-awareness.  The frame of mind in which Uranians are aware of how special something is even though they are accustomed to it.  The ability not to take things for granted.  See the episode, The Nebulee.

arelk - the sclerotic political condition of a state in which the lremd rule of a Noad has hardened into an authoritarian despotism.

ayash - the ayashou are invisible elevators, in the form of airstreams which bear skimmers up from the plain and onto the raised rims of the disc-on-stem cities of Syoom, and back down again. 

ayshine - the brightest five hours of day, when the throom emit the most radiance.  Ayshine occurs after pallyne and before evenshine.

backgrounder - a "member of the general public" - someone whose existence provides background for the more storied life of a foregrounder

bafract - a kind of translucent tarpaulin used as a boundary-skin for the poorer dwellings in a Uranian city.

bardrembar - the double-metabolism of a Nenn.  Digestion One is bardrem; Digestion Two (operating upon the previous meal), triggered by bardrem, is drembar

bejeh - "cheer" - emotive term for the ambience created by a meal shared in convivial fellowship; the glow of solidarity this gives the participants; the sense of clustering around a hearth-glow, beyond which stretches the infinite mystery of an untameable giant planet.

blaping - a Uranian swear-word.  Its literal meaning has not yet been vouchsafed to Terrans.

the Bostanga Fom - the "Spontaneous Guard": a voluntary association to protect the Sunnoad.

bozmur - the neurotransmitter of the Mad City's brain. 

bukarna - the giant grass of which an oyor is composed.  A bukarna stem is typically three or four yards high, flexible as a reed but strong as bamboo, its stem vertically striped russet and green.  Nine times out of ten its summit bears a rudimentary tuft of thin up-pointed leaves, but the other ten per cent of stems spread into a wide, horizontal summit of broader leaf-blades of light green.

by Ouran - this ejaculation is breathed inaudibly more often than spoken.  To utter aloud the putative name of the World Spirit would show a degree of disrespect that no Uranian is likely to stomach.  To say "by Thremdu" is preferable.

Chelth - the continuum looted of much of its energy by the Uranians during the 130 days of the short Sodium Era (see chapters 4 and 5 of the History in Uranian Gleams).  The plunder of Chelth has caused deep (though manageable) guilt among Uranians ever since.

chirr - a city-employee who remains conscious at work, instead of getting through the day's tasks in the usual work-trance.  For a fuller description see under vigilee.

chremn - an endearment; "my love" as a form of address.

cmem - the extension of Demelath's brain, in the form of a red mist of convincells.

convincells - the components of the cmem.

Corrector - someone who has managed to get away with justifiably coercing a Sunnoad.  The penalty for unsuccessful Correctors being death, few have aspired to the honour.

Crystal Grove - see torh

cvoc - a subjecting, impressionistic term for the jungly clutter of machine evolution which can fill some sections of cities or their sub-floor vaults.

Daon - the recognized heir to a Noad; the person who is due to succeed to the noadex.

dayonnad - the office of Daon.

the Dex Galooga - the "Succession Conspiracy" - a movement to raise Oreneg Vadon to the sunnoadex.

dwallidee - an expensive gift in the form of a beautiful blue bowl with nacreous highlights, and a communicator which summons help from the Noad only if the bowl is smashed.  The idea is that the beauty of the object ensures it will never be used as a summoner except on the rarest occasions. 

endearment - see chremn

evenshine - the last five hours of "daytime" on Ooranye.

evidencer-cloud - sigaklya - an animate cloud species which can collect and preserve visual recordings of events.

eyabon - restaurateur / master-of-ceremonies

faotch! - an exclamation at a (literal or metaphorical) bad smell.

flaon-scrorr - the belt of cultivated land around Olhoav.  The flaon is the continuously cultivated, inner part; outside it is the more vaguely defined, part-settled scrorr, which fades out into the wilderness.

flunnd - literally, a backgrounder who adopts the airs of a foregrounder; a destiny-snob.  As a mere ejaculation, flunnd! is one of the commonest swear-words on Ooranye.

flurg - in appearance a stone, conveniently shaped to sit on; in reality a fungoid creature with the capacity to deliver a sharp and sometimes lethal sting.

fobbrakna - "platterflies" - the insectoids which guard the Crystal Groves.  Each fobbrak has triangular or oval wings the size of large platters, and three eyes, the third of which is a laser-emitter, evolved to kill in defence of the Grove.

foregrounder - someone whose life-story is sufficiently distinctive and memorable, that it makes him/her into material for one of the main protagonists in a tale.

forg - translation of the abbreviation of the longer Uranian word for foregrounder.

frush - literally, a late, deflated stage in the life of a certain large balloon-like fruit (the fradosh) when it has lost its freshness; figuratively, someone who has lost his or her former importance.

Fyaym - the antithesis of Syoom.  Fyaym is loosely "the wilderness", but more accurately comprises those areas (covering four-fifths of the giant planet) where a lone Wayfarer has a less-than-even chance of surviving a thousand-mile journey.

Ghepion - the Ghepions or "Old Machines" are the fruits of independent mechanical evolution: machines who in a purposive drive towards the biological have developed into sentient living things.  This category of being makes its first appearance on Ooranye during era 47, the Siver Era.  The semi-organic computer Dynoom, city-brain of Olhoav, is a Ghepion. 

Glomb - the native Uranian word for "Weigher"; the title chosen by Dempelath.

gneh-ou - predatory clouds.  One of the many varieties of gaseous life-form in the skies of Ooranye.

Gohik Ugraon - Reconstruction Corps: the organization created by Dempelath for establishing his power on a new basis after the big quake of 10,538,688 Ac.

gorup - supposedly, a stretch of life with no fate-wave.  Gorups are not proven to exist.

gralm - the granular substance forming the Uranian plains; has a consistency rather like cork, and varies in colour, from mostly dark blue, brown and black, to occasional bright blues and reds.

grutt - a miscreant; worthless person; the meaning has something in common with the Terran Viking term "nithing"

hlann (plural 'hlannad') - a "bivalve-boulder" creature.

igrul chozzuk - "the matter having been weighed" - catch-phrase of the supporters of Dempelath - evoking the leader's propensity for unquestionable decision.  The words are, presumably, the origin of the title of Weigher (Glomb, in Uranian).

klast - a crunchy, dried-meat roll; one of the commonest foods of Ooranye.

kzel - a loosely-organized group of strollers.

lonk-plaen - contemptuous term for an over-contented or over-respectful backgrounder.

lremd - (adjective) - those who possess renl are lremd.

Lrisj or Lrissuj - the second most common of the three principal Uranian languages, and the one native to Olhoav.  It is more distantly related to the other two (Nouuan and Jommdan) than they are to each other.

Medebberan - a person between 4000 and 5000 Uranian days of age; in terms of Terran  years it extends from between roughly thirteen and a half to just over seventeen; so, partly equivalent to "teenager".

Meegn - thin metal arches soaring above Olhoav, suggestive of force-field structures.

messenger-of-the-moment - see aong.

mossongunain - a word which provided a way of getting round the prohibition on discussing forbidden or taboo subjects (rurrups) on Ooranye; if you really have to discuss a rurrup, you can say "mossongunain" and you are allowed five minutes to say what needs to be said; all participants in the conversation then forget about it afterwards, a fact which mostly limits the usefulness of mossongunain to its function as a safety-valve.

myyix - the Uranian liqueur-drink: a thick, glowing cordial, comparable to a luminous viscous mead.

narp - a large, dangerous wild plant with laser-tipped stems.

nebulation - the mind-blown condition to which people can fall prey when alone in the Uranian wilderness, if they allow a sense of its vastness to overcome them.

nebulee - a victim of nebulation.

nen - the unisex pronoun meaning "he or she", or used as a more personal substitute for "it" when denoting an intelligent being of neither gender.

Nenn - the Nenns are the humans of Ooranye.  They and Terran humans are telemorphs (sharers of species identity without a common ancestor).  Nenns differ physically from Terran humans in that Nenns are grey-skinned and have more efficient metabolisms (they don't need to eat so much, and so meals tend on average to be more special occasions on Ooranye than they are on Earth - see bejeh).  Mentally and morally, Nenns differ from Terrans as follows: (1) Nenns, whether good or evil, are free from all vulgarity; (2) their brains are "hard-wired" with awareness of the periodic table of the elements; (3) they have apparng or context-awareness; (4) there is a sharper or more conscious division than on Earth between foregrounders and backgrounders - although the categories are not openly admitted.

Noad - the ruler or "focus" of a city-state.

noadex - the office of Noad.  The institution of the noadex first evolved in the city of Contahl, in the Lithium Era.

noppt-oartuc - the Sixty-Day Disease.  Diseases are extremely rare on Ooranye, and when they strike they are usually not contagious.  This general rule applies to the noppt-oartuc.  All that is known of it, is that when you get it your skin acquires a sheen of blue, and you die when the sixty days are up.   

the nuznong - the thought-suppressant which the Mad City used at the outset of its bid for world domination in Era 50.  The nuznong blanked out certain ideas which, had they occurred to the authorities in time, might have enabled them to prevent the catastrophe.

nyzyr - a military unit composed of 133 men including its commander, a zyr.

oalm - the open parking space around the rim of any of the disc-on-stem cities of Syoom.

omzyr - "general" - a military leader with 16,104 men in his command.

Ooranye - the seventh planet; called by Terrans "Uranus".  (Coincidentally, a vowel-change from noun to adjective means that the adjective of Ooranye is "Uranian", not "Ooranian".)

orax - a white grey-bordered heptagon, insigne of the Glomb, worn on the armbands of his henchmen.

Ouran or Ooran - the reputed name of the World Spirit, the emergent planetary intelligence of Ooranye.

oyor - plural, oyorou - grass forest.  Such forests are thinly scattered over the plains of Ooranye.  The average stems in the oyorou are three or four yards high, though some rear much higher.  The boundaries of the oyorou tend to be sharply delineated, as though cut by the action of an intelligence.

pallyne - the first five hours of "daytime" on Ooranye.

par yentar - "poor losers" - those who are driven insane by being unable to accept that they have lost a thuzolyr-bout.  That is, they cannot bear the idea that their capacity for renl is inferior to another's.

platterflies - see fobbrakna

pliif - generic term for the class of creatures who live in Ooranye's icy crust.  See stryegns.

plok - "Garbage", in both the literal and the metaphorical sense.  The rhyme with Terran "shlock" either comes from pure coincidence or evinces a cosmic resonance of some kind.

plorl-orm - a music-box, part mechanical and part electronic in operation, which sits in a Uranian inn and now and then beats out a tune accompanied by a voice-recording.

pmetn and refelc - the pair of three-minute periods during which the stars can be seen from the surface of Ooranye.  Pmetn is the first three minutes of night, and refelc the last three, or the first three minutes of morning.  What causes the atmosphere to become transparent at those brief intervals is that the microscopic throom have all rotated edge-on to the planet, so that they cease to obstruct the rays of starlight.

Pnurrm - the building that houses Olhoav's centre of ooranographic information.  The basement hall-floor (Wayfarers' Hall) is a huge walk-on map used to display Wayfaring routes and marshal data for the sfy.

porrang - a gleaming metal, of whitish silver hue.  It is best known for its use in the hulls of skimmers.

precyclic - referring to history before the beginning of the Hydrogen Era.  It is widely believed that another form of humanity once existed before the Nenns.

ranna - a five-legged pet the size of an average Terran dog.  The central "belly-leg" is used as a pivot around which the beast can execute a swift and sudden turn.

refelc - see pmetn and refelc.

renl - the ability to be in the right place at the right time; to prioritize instinctively and rightly; to achieve leadership without bureaucracy or hierarchic structures.  The quality a Noad has to have, if nen's rule is not to degenerate into arelk.

reporzunt - the martial art which depends upon slowness.  It is most effective in a tense social conflict where a gradually incremental threat presents the enemy with a hard choice as to when best to respond.

rhoufah - "unwelcomeness" - a typically vague Uranian term for an episode of bad stuff that happens, for example as a consequence of imports from the wilderness which turn out to be dangerous.

rurrup - any taboo subject on Ooranye.  One example (most of the time) is any discussion of the backgrounder-foregrounder distinction; another example is, the measures which may have to be taken to get rid of a Noad or even a Sunnoad if nen turns out to be unfit for office (such measures cannot be constitutionally set out, as laws and constitutions are non-existent on Ooranye). 

sanungi-stillig-ost - "meld-cheer marriage meal": a banquet at which a marriage is announced and takes place.

seyyo - a "customary-car" - a float expressive of rejoicing at the appointment of a high official such as a Noad, Daon or omzyr.

sfy - the safety-contours on Uranian maps.  They constantly change, like the isobars of the weather-maps of Earth. 

sfy-50 - on Uranian maps, the line joining all places in which a lone Wayfarer has a 50 per cent chance of surviving a thousand-mile voyage.  Sfy-50 is the boundary between Syoom and Fyaym.

sigaklya - see evidencer-cloud.

skimmer - the principal mode of transport on Ooranye: a one-man vehicle which flies close to the ground.  Roughly shaped like an upturned canoe, most skimmers are about five yards long and at their centre one yard wide.  For long voyages, sections of the vehicle's centre can be folded into a couch or chair.  A skimmer's "ceiling" is six yards, except on exceptional occasions when a skilled pilot can go higher by exploiting boundaries between air-currents during a storm ("storm-riding").  Fuelled by means of "ell-light phials" of vheic crystals, its top speed is 200 mph.  Skimmers were first developed in the Neon Era, and the Phosphorus Era saw the mass-production of billions of the buoyancy-shards around which every skimmer has been subsequently built.

Skimmjard! - the word of greeting used by Uranians in all three of their main languages.  Also, the word denotes a skimmer-pilot.

Snaddy-Galomm - the "spinning top" - a vision of the destiny-network.  It's not a spatial dimension, it's a meaning-dimension, but to the eyes of the beholder it necessarily has a shape.  It appears as a rotating oblate spheroid composed of twisting tornado-like tubes which represent the currents of fate, and, riding those currents, tiny figures wearing flame-hats.  Pairs of incarnations of the same soul tilt their hats towards one another across distances representing the gulfs of time which separate them.

snoffbongar - a disrespectful term which might be translated as "knowledge-junkie"; someone who is prone to, or undertakes, a snoffobong.

snoffobong - "knowledge-binge".  Intemperate wallowing in historical knowledge; succumbing to the temptation afforded by the immense span and richness of Uranian history.

snoobagog - a coarse blanket, convertible to a robe, woven from the leaves of a giant-grass forest.

sponnd - a laser hand-weapon which can resemble either a sword or a gun, depending on whether it is set to blade or bolt mode.

Starside - the hemisphere of Ooranye that faces away from the distant Sun.  Starside is mostly Fyaym, but there are pockets of Syoom even there - for example isolated cities such as Olhoav and their environs.

Staunch Woman [kaparinvonv] - the woman-friend or supporter of the bridgegroom at a Uranian wedding.  To some extent an equivalent of the Terran "best man" idea.

stryegns - often referred to in tales transmitted to Terrans as "barnacle-stryegns"; a species of pliff, the class of ice-creatures who live in Ooranye's crust.  Stryegns are attracted by the foundations of cities, and cluster beneath them.

Sunnoad - the Sunnoad is the Noad of Noads; the focus of foci; the planetary warlord of Ooranye.  Not exactly a suzerain - for the city-states retain their sovereignty.  The Sunnoad's ascendancy is a matter of custom and prestige rather than due to any formal constitutional power.  Traditionally, the Sunnoad leads the forces of Syoom when that area of human civilization is threatened. 

The courtesy number following a Sunnoad's name is not a regnal number in the manner of Henry VIII or Louis XIV; rather, it is an administration number.  Thus, back in the dawn ages, Sunnoad Hyala Movoun 1 was succeeded by Sunnoad Lamiroth Eren 2.  By now there have been well over eighty thousand Sunnoads; the holder of the rank at the commencement of our Final Era was Iyen Noom 80525.

sunnoadex - the office of Sunnoad.

Sunside - the Sunward hemisphere of Ooranye.

Syoom - loosely speaking, the area of human civilization on Ooranye.  More precisely, and using the statistical definition which is the basis of Uranian cartography, Syoom comprises those lands where a lone Wayfarer has a better than even chance of surviving a thousand-mile journey.  Syoom covers an area of approximately 400,000,000 square miles; about one fifth of the planet.  It is surrounded by its antithesis, Fyaym.  This is only a general picture; there are many pockets of Syoom in the vastness of Fyaym, and vice-versa.  Moreover, as is inevitable, some patches of Syoom are "thin" like threadbare bits of carpet, where the sfy are close to being as low as 50.  Finally, there are some cities isolated in the midst of Fyaym - cities such as Olhoav, on Starside.

Taquotal - an undertaking to obey an order.  The "Yessir" of Ooranye.

Thremdu - the so-called "Uranian Devil" - actually a cast-off ego-fragment of the World Spirit.

throom - the aerial micro-organisms which by their 30-hour glow-cycle bring day and night to Ooranye, in a simultaneous world-wide rhythm; there are no "time-zones" on the seventh planet.

thuzolyr - a device to mirror one's renl talent symbolically, on a hand-held screen.  In cases where no heir to a ruler has been named, the citizens must pair up and face each other with thuzolyrs, until one with winningly patterned screen-flashes emerges as the rightful Noad or Sunnoad.  Thuzolyrs are "cultivable" devices, grown from each other, descended from an original in a previous Cycle.  As a matter of fact the plural is misleading; they are really all 4-dimensional extensions of each other, so that what one of them "knows" or registers is "known" or registered by all. 

tnef - a metabolic invert who cannot enjoy either Digestion One or Digestion Two, as a result of these processes being the wrong way round.

torh - a crystal grove; that's to say, a grove of bushes or small trees of which the leaves are crystalline.  The torhou play a renowned part in Uranian history and society, paradoxically due to their reclusive nature.  This is especially true of the torhou of Opahej, where Hyala Movoun 1, the first Sunnoad, grew to maturity.  See also fobbrakna.

tyoyg - "collaborator with the darkness".  The closest Uranian equivalent to "one who has sold his soul to the Devil".  On Ooranye that means collaboration with Thremdu, the rejected fragment of the planetary intelligence or 'World-Spirit'.

vheic - the glowing plants which form the energy-source for skimmers and sponnds.

vigilee - chirr in Uranian - a city-employee who remains conscious at work, instead of getting through the day's tasks in the usual work-trance.  The chirr is a highly respected trouble-shooter who can deal with the occasional situation which demands wide-awake initiative.  Such situations are few, because over the aeons of time the economic workings of a State have become almost as automatic as the metabolic functions of a human body.  But just as a body may occasionally need conscious medical attention, so a Uranian urban economy may occasionally require the wakeful care of a vigilee.  See the episode, "The Lever of Power".

vlomboz - singular vlom (the -boz suffix is a rare plural  but when it is used, the word usually appears in the plural) - the "icing-sugar" toppings in Oso, fused architectural relics of the cataclysm of Era 50.

Vorratch - see Zedmaiol Vorratch.  The "Parity Tree".

vuocna - ground-crawling clouds (singular, "vuoc").

waon - a company of people whose individual consciousness is sunk into that of the group as it marches along in chevron formation; perhaps a blind attempt to have it both ways, as wirrip and forg; a phenomenon born of the status-confusion afflicting Olhoavan backgrounders as a consequence of revolutionary upheaval.

Wayfarer - a voyager whose fate is used by cartographers to compile statistics of peril.

wirrip - slang for "backgrounder", or "person with only one name", i.e. an ordinary member of the general public

woochna - (plural of "wooch") millipedal symbiotes of the hlannad.

World Spirit - the focus for the Uranians' "suspended religion".  The religious impulse of the Nenns stops part-way to transcendence during this cycle of their planet's history.  A sort of truncated reverence is thus aimed not at a universal Creator but at a mere planetary Intelligence, vaguely defined but known to exist, and known to have intervened, though very rarely, in human history.  Nen's name is supposed to be Ouran.  See also the entry on Thremdu.

Yr - "City of Mists" - an airborne city, manned by a rogue outlaw regime, which has haunted the skies of Ooranye since it was launched way back in the Zirconium Era.

zatrar - a high rank of cartographer; one who not only draws the maps but sometimes also investigates the phenomena to be mapped

Zedmaiol Vorratch - the "Parity Tree".  A metal bladed structure like a tree with huge sickle-shaped leaves, on which were hung opponents or supposed opponents of Dempelath's regime.

zoalsh (two syllables, zo-alsh) - a restaurant / hotel / social centre, where banquets are held at which important social and political announcements are sometimes made.

Zveggh-Yerrand - a penthouse shaped like a flying saucer that has come to rest on top of the dome of the Menestegon.  The interior of the Zveggh consists of central living quarters and peripheral study zones, the latter numbering twenty-six, one for each major Uranian era.  The haul of holocubes from Yr is housed in the Zveggh.  (See The Validator Rips.)

zyr - a military rank, an officer leading a nyzyr of 133 men.