fashions of yore:
page view winners
from the site's inception
to february 2017

the super-pages of 2017 at end of february

The Home Page had 2,917 views altogether during the first two months of 2017.

Of the rest, 63 out of the whole 200 were "super-pages", i.e. viewed on average at least once per day. 

1:   OSS Diary                                                           894 views

2:   Man of the World                                               532 views

3:   Clark Ashton Smith                                            400 views

4:   Archives of the Moon                                       381 views

5:   What's New?                                                      268 views

6:   Mars                                                                    180 views

7.   Mercury                                                               169 views

8.   Venus                                                                   163 views

9:  Peril on Pallas                                                     152 views

10:  Asteroids                                                            149 views

11:   Perelandra                                                         145 views

12:   Competition                                                       142 views

13:   Wanderers of Mars                                            133 views

14:  Saturn                                                                   131 views

15-16:   About Us                                                         124 views

15-16:  Author Heaven                                               124 views

17-18:  Arc of Iapetus                                                 117 views

17-18:  C S Lewis                                                        117 views

19:  Interplanetary Knock-Out                                   114 views

20:  Uranus                                                                   112 views

21:  Jupiter                                                                   111 views

22:  Outermost Reaches                                             108 views

23:  Pellucidar                                                               107 views

24:  Cities                                                                       104 views

25:  Triton                                                                       102 views

26:  Stanley G Weinbaum                                               97 views

27:  The Intrepid Travelogue                                        95 views

28:  The Moon                                                                 94 views

29:  Vulcan                                                                        91 views

30:  Leigh Brackett                                                         90 views

31:  COMOLD                                                                  89 views

32.  Pluto                                                                          88 views

33.  Prisoners of Saturn                                                 81 views

34.  Mission to the Tenth Planet                                   80 views

35.  Authors                                                                      78 views

36.  Earth                                                                          77 views

37.  Martian Landings in The War of the Worlds         76 views

38-9:  Silicon Life                                                             75 views

38-9:  The Sun                                                                  75 views

40:  Amtor                                                                          74 views

41-2:  Primordial Worlds                                                  73 views

41-2:  Themes                                                                   73 views

43-4:  A Rose for Ecclesiastes                                        72 views

43-4:  Star's Reach                                                           72 views

45-6:  Page View Winners                                                71 views

45-6:  Mars Quiz - Tale-to-Author                                   71 views

47:  Battle on Mercury                                                     70 views

48:  Old Space Program                                                  68 views

49Callisto                                                                       67 views

50-1:  Barsoom                                                                  66 views

50-1:  Asteroid Progenitor Planet                                   66 views

52-3:  Thanksgiving                                                          65 views

52-3:  Hollow Worlds                                                         65 views

54:  Slaves of Venus                                                         63 views

55:  Lurkers on the Moon                                                62 views

56-8:  A Relic from the Old Space Program                  61 views

56-8:  Neptune                                                                  61 views

56-8:  World of Never-Men                                              61 views

59-60:  Names                                                                    60 views

59-60:  A Present for Zendexor                                       60 views

61-3:  Comets                                                                     59 views

61-3:  Edgar Rice Burroughs                                           59 views

61-3:  Zones Cup                                                               59 views

how things went

See the OSS Diary, 1st March 2017 for a report on how things went during the surge of February 2017.

Most of January 2017 continued December's mediocrity from the usage point of view, but the last 5 days of the month for some mysterious reason saw a dramatic surge, with the 27th being the all-time record day for viewing figures (135 users, 180 visits and 1080 page views on that day).  End-of-month totals: 7,499 page-views by 1,004 users.

December 2016 was a bit of a come-down from the rest of the second half of 2016 in some respects.  The number of page views (7708) was not bad, but the number of users (819) showed a disappointing decrease.  However, you were doubtless occupied with Christmas!  Anyhow, we shall zoom ahead now that we're in the futuristic-sounding year 2017.

November 2016 was a good month, with 1,049 users (second only to September's figure of 1,078) and a record number of page views - 8,950 (previous record, September's 7,854).

October 2016 had seen moderately reduced figures - perhaps you readers were having a rest from breaking records.  (There were 955 users and 7,060 page views in October.

Long-term growth of the site is obvious when one compares November 2016's 1,049 users with November 2015's 440, and November 2016's 8,950 page views with November 2015's 1,855

Nevertheless, I have a suspicion that the big breakthrough is yet to come.  Will 2017 see a big exodus from New to Old Solar System readership?  And if it happens, what should we call it?  "OSSEXIT" has a somewhat unfortunate ring...

Topping 100 views during December:  OSS Diary (310); Man of the World (254); Archives of the Moon (189); What's New? (128); Competition (124).

Topping 100 views during November:  Man of the World (318); OSS Diary (295); Archives of the Moon (199); Competition (131); Mercury (124); What's New? (121); Perelandra (116); Venus (106); Triton (102).

Triton's popularity was amazing.  Obviously there's something I don't know about the importance of this Neptunian moon - something that puts it above Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Titan, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon...  And why should Triton be more popular than Neptune (40 views), anyway?  I must send one of my agents to investigate whatever's lurking there.

The popularity of the Competition page is bizarre, since it's a competition which nobody enters for.  But perhaps multitudes of people just view it for one second, then draw away with a shudder...that one second being enough to count as a view.

In December, the number of "super-pages" for the year - those who have had at least one view per day on average - grew from 43 to 44.  (In November it had grown from 41 to 43; in October from 38 to 41.)

In December, Mars overtook Pellucidar; the Old Space Program caught up with Clark Ashton Smith; Stanley Weinbaum and C S Lewis overtook Pluto; Author Heaven overtook both Your Views and Primordial Worlds; the Sun overtook Edgar Rice Burroughs (!), and Arc of Iapetus overtook both of them; Neptune overtook Hollow Worlds, and COMOLD overtook both of them plus ERB and the Sun; the Asteroid Progenitor Planet, overtaking Valeddom and Fictional Dates, caught up with Leigh Brackett.

the super-pages of 2016

(i.e. averaging one or more views per day)

1:   Home Page                                10,792 views

2:   The Archives of the Moon       1,992 views

3:   OSS Diary                                   1,656 views

4:   What's New?                              1,366 views

5:   Man of the World                       1,319 views

6:   About Us                                        961 views

7:    Peril on Pallas                              913 views

8:    Mercury                                         882 views

9:   Competition                                   877 views

10:   Venus                                            828 views

11:  Perelandra                                     713 views

12:  Mars                                               658views

13:  Pellucidar                                      656 views

14:  Jupiter                                           639 views

15:  Asteroids                                       590 views

16:  Moon                                              573 views

17:  Uranus                                           545 views

18:  Saturn                                            534 views

19-20:  Clark Ashton Smith                 514 views

19-20:  Old Space Program                514 views

21:  Earth                                              511 views

22:  Stanley G Weinbaum                   487 views

23:  C S Lewis                                      484 views

24:  Pluto                                              482 views

25:  Author Heaven                             481 views

26:  Primordial Worlds                        468 views

27:  Your Views                                    463 views

28:  Triton                                             459 views

29:  Vulcan                                            453 views

30:  Outermost Reaches                    448 views

31:  The Arc of Iapetus                       428 views

32:   COMOLD                                     417 views

33:  Sun                                                415 views

34:   Edgar Rice Burroughs               412 views

35:  Neptune                                        410 views

36:  Zendexor and the OSS               406 views

37:  Hollow Worlds                              400 views

38:  Mission to the Tenth Planet       398 views

39:  Cities                                             392 views

40-1:  Asteroid Progenitor Planet     382 views

40-1:  Leigh Brackett                          382 views

42:  Fictional Dates                             372 views

43-4:  Amtor                                          370 views

43-4:  Valeddom                                    370 views

The most-viewed page is always the home page, naturally enough.  Leaving that aside, let's see which, out of all the other pages, has proved the most popular, month by month, right from when the site was begun.

DATE                      MOST-VIEWED PAGE

June 2015              Mercury

July 2015                Mercury

August 2015           Mercury

September 2015    Pellucidar

October 2015         Mars

November 2015     Mars

December 2015     Mars

January 2016          Uranus

February 2016        About Us

March 2016             What's New?

April 2016                Peril on Pallas

May 2016                The Archives of the Moon

June 2016              The Archives of the Moon

July 2016                The Archives of the Moon

August 2016           The Archives of the Moon

September 2016     Author Heaven

October 2016          OSS Diary

November 2016      Man of the World

December 2016      OSS Diary

January 2017          OSS Diary

February 2017        OSS Diary

That is the basic summary of the winners.  But suppose we want a bit more detail: say, the top four in each month.

Colour-coded as follows: Red for top place, Blue for second place, Green for third place and Black for fourth place. 

Stid: Why these colours?  Do they symbolize Republicans, Democrats, Environmentalists and Catholic cassocks respectively, by any chance?

Zendexor:  You haven't quite got the idea, Stid, and to put an end to the ideological speculation, I shall explain:

As a child I used to read about the exploits of King Arthur's knights.  One of them, Sir Gareth, went on an adventure in which he faced four opponents of increasing strength, named from the colour of their suits of armour.  The dreaded Black Knight was followed by the even fiercer Green Knight, and he by the even fiercer Blue Knight, and he by the mightiest of all, the Red Knight.  The tale made such an impression upon my youthful mind, that the sequence Red-Blue-Green-Black remains for me a code ranking First-Second-Third-Fourth.

DATE                      MOST-VIEWED PAGES

June 2015              Mercury     Valeddom     About Us     The Immortals of Mercury

July 2015                Mercury     Sun     About Us     Venus

August 2015           Mercury     Pellucidar     Venus     Earth

September 2015    Pellucidar     Mercury     Mars     Venus

October 2015         Mars     Asteroids     Mercury     Sun

November 2015     Mars     Jupiter     Mercury     Intelligent Plants

December 2015     Mars     Leigh Brackett     Neptune     Mercury

January 2016          Uranus     Mars     What's New?     Pellucidar

February 2016        About Us     Jupiter     What's New?     Humanity's Place in the OSS

March 2016             What's New?     About Us    Pellucidar    Jupiter + Page View Winners +                                                                                                       The Influence of the OSS

April 2016                Peril on Pallas     What's New?     About Us      Venus

May 2016                 The Archives of the Moon    Peril on Pallas     About Us      Mercury

June 2016                 The Archives of the Moon    About Us     Peril on Pallas      Pluto

July 2016                  The Archives of the Moon         OSS Diary          What's New       Man of the World

August 2016          The Archives of the Moon   OSS Diary   What's New   Perelandra

September 2016   Author Heaven   Archives of the Moon   Man of the World   OSS diary

October 2016   OSS Diary   Man of the World   Archives of the Moon   What's New

November 2016   Man of the World   OSS Diary   Archives of the Moon   Competition

December 2016   OSS Diary   Man of the World   Archives of the Moon   What's New

January 2017   OSS Diary   Man of the World   Archives of the Moon   What's New

February 2017   OSS Diary   Clark Ashton Smith   Man of the World   Archives of the Moon

gawping at the stats

Every morning I examine the latest results, and I find these daily stats endlessly fascinating and puzzling.  For one who is that way inclined, it's as much fun as a football league.  Even the short first summary raises some intriguing questions: why did Pellucidar surge in Sept 2015 and Uranus in the following January, or Pluto in June 2016?  And why oh why was About Us suddenly so popular from February 2016 when it had not been before? And what happened on Triton to create the Tritonian surge of November 2016?

Who knows - but anyhow it's nice to imagine the rejoicing in the fictional dimensions when one or other world wins the championship...  Uranians throwing their hats in the air on 31st Jan, having wrested the cup from the redoubtable Martians.

Stid:  Let's try to think up some serious explanations.  It shouldn't be impossible.  Mars, for example, which is always bound to be a popular OSS topic, may have received a boost last autumn from the film The Martian, don't you think?  And Uranus may have benefited from the publication of Uranian Gleams.

Zendexor:  Maybe, although Uranian Gleams had already been out for several months...  but I suppose it could have taken that long for word to spread.  As for Mars, your argument may gain support from the fact that the October figure for Mars page views was exceptionally high.

Harlei:  But what about Pellucidar?  Why that surge, just then?

Stid:  We'll leave that question to you, Harl.  I'm sure you can be trusted to undertake a rigorously logical approach.

Harlei:  Thanks; here goes:  I suspect it was the Mahars, experimenting with their sixth senses and causing ripples in the ether, which drew the sensitized psyches of our readers towards the page on this site...  Perhaps, baulked of domination of their world, the reptilian race is preparing to break out into ours...

Stid:  Well, here's some of my logic: I bet the popularity of the Vulcan page is due to Star-Trekkers mistaking its subject-matter!

Zendexor:  Be quiet, Stid.  Anyhow, even if you're right, one can still hope that the Trekkers will stay and become converted to OSS fandom...

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