authors of the old solar system

Writers whose work combines to shape our OSS heritage of dreams...

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Poul Anderson  - See also The Martian Crown Jewels.

Isaac Asimov - see also Asimov on Jupiter, Asimov on Jupiter - Response
                          and Lucky Starr, Space Ranger

John Jacob Astor - for A Journey in Other Worlds see the OSS Diary, 18th March 2017.

J G Ballard - see the OSS Diary, 4th February 2017, for The Day of Forever.

Arthur K Barnes - see also the Saturn page for the Saturnian part of Trouble on Titan.
                         For The Energy Eaters see the OSS Diary, 19th January 2017.

Barrington Bayley - see Time Travel and Reality Change for
                                             The Fall of Chronopolis;
                            for Soul of a Robot see the Diary for 5 May 2017.

Alfred Bester - see the OSS Diary, 25th February 2017, for artificial asteroids.

Eando Binder - for Anton York, Immortal see the Diary entry, Orbital Preservation Order.
                            For The Impossible World see the Diary entry, The Outer Limits.

James Blish - see also the page Jovian Inferno, a study of Bridge

Robert Bloch - for The Fear Planet see Not Sure Where to Put it?  Try an Asteroid.

Leigh Brackett - also, for the Martian cities of Kushat and Shandakor, see cities.

Ray Bradbury

Tobias S Buckell - for Pale Blue Memories see Slaves of Venus.

Edgar Rice Burroughs  - see also the pages on Amtor, Barsoom
                                            and ERB's sentence-structure

John W Campbell - see the page on Penton and Blake
                                 and for Night see the OSS Diary for 12th January 2017.
                                 For Campbell's opinion concerning life on Mars
                                  see the Diary, 25th November 2016.

Bruce Carter - for The Perilous Descent see the Diary, The Moment of Amaze.

Lin Carter - for the Thanator series see the Callisto page and Thanator - For and Against.

Arthur C Clarke - see also the pages on Earthlight and The Sands of Mars

Hal Clement - for Hot Planet see the page on Brightside Crossing, and also
                                      the OSS Diary for 23rd September 2016.

Stanton A Coblenz - for The Moon People see the OSS Diary for 17th January 2017

Susan Cooper - for Mandrake see the Diary entry, Planetary Intelligences

Lester del Rey - see Battle on Mercury

Philip K Dick - for The World Jones Made see the OSS Diary for 9th September 2016.
                See Was Dick for or against the final frontier? for Dick and space expansion.
                On that same topic, see the Diary for 10th November 2016 for
                   the negative view of Mars in The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch.
                See also various fictional dates in the 1990s.

Dougal Dixon - for After Man see the OSS Diary, 9th November 2016
                         See that same entry also for the book by Dougal Dixon and John Adams,
                            The Future is Wild

Alexandre Dumas - see Planet D'Artagnan.

Allan W Eckert - for The Hab Theory see the OSS Diary, 24th September 2016.

Philip José Farmer - for Sail On! Sail On! see the Earth page.

Mae and Ira Freeman - for You Will Go To The Moon see A Book with the Right Idea.
                         See also Craters yes - dish holes no.

Raymond Z Gallun

Randall Garrett - for Hot Trip for Venus see the
                                     Diary, Backbone of the Old Solar System.

Robert Gibson - see also the pages on Valeddom, Kroth, Uranian Gleams and
                                               Man of the World.

Gordon A Giles - for Via Mercury see the Mercury page;
                            for Via Asteroid see the OSS Diary, 13th February 2017.

Rex Gordon

John Michael Greer - see Star's Reach

Edmond Hamilton

Charles L Harness

Robert A Heinlein - see also the page on Red Planet
                                   For Logic of Empire see Slaves of Venus.

James P Hogan - see asteroid progenitor planet
                             and (for Ganymede) the OSS Diary for 9th January 2017

Fred Hoyle - for The Incandescent Ones
                                    see the OSS Diary for 20th December 2016;
                     for Fifth Planet see the OSS Diary for 5th August 2016.

Matthew Hughes - see A Return to Bradbury's Mars.

Carl Jacobi - for Tepondicon see The Galilean Satellites.

D F Jones - see the OSS Diary for 11th January 2017, regarding
               a late invasion from Mars.
                     See also the Diary for 14th February 2017 regarding
                            how the incredible news of the existence of the
                                     Martians is received.

Colin Kapp - for Lambda 1 see the Diary, 19th November 2016.

Cyril Kornbluth - see the OSS Diary, 26th February 2017, for The Adventurer.

Myer Krulfeld - for The Lunar Pit see Poor Deadly Moonmen.

Henry Kuttner - see The Kuttner-Moore Venus; see also Treble Trouble on Titan.

Philip Latham - for Missing Men of Saturn see the Saturn page; also, the Diary for
                               8th October 2016, expressing a delighted initial reaction to the book.

Keith Laumer

David D Lavine:  for The Wreck of the Mars Adventure see Sailing the Seven Spaceways.
                           See also Arabella of Mars.

Gustave Le Rouge - see the OSS Diary, 15th October 2016, for
              points in favour of his version of Mars.

Fritz Leiber - see Gather, Darkness!
                      See also the Diary, A Book I Want to Like, for The Big Time.

Murray Leinster - for Space-Can see the Diary entries, Bellyaching Spacemen and
                                              Ganymede as a Frontier.
                             For Incident on Calypso see Permissible Invention of Moons.

C S Lewis - see also the pages on Perelandra
                     and on Out of the Silent Planet - an Overview
                     For That Hideous Strength see
                        the pages on religion and on hyper-brains.

Hugh Lofting - for Dr Dolittle In the Moon see the Diary, The Torn-Off Moon.

Frank Belknap Long Jr. - for Red Moon see the OSS Diary for 12th March 2017.

H P Lovecraft.   See also Lovecraft's Moon.

Charles Eric Maine - for Countdown see Secretive Old Space Program; also some
                                     comments in the Diary for 2nd November 2016.

Michael J Martinez - see the OSS Diary for 26th October 2016;
                                 and the OSS Diary for 10th January 2017.

David I Masson - for Mouth of Hell see Tilted Landscape, Pre-Kroth.

Sean McMullen - for The Miocene Arrow see A Prehistoric World War.

P Schuyler Miller - for an excerpt from the Mars story The Cave see Mars Quiz.

Walter M Miller - for Crucifixus Etiam see Sacrifices for a future Mars.

Michael Moorcock - see the Themes page for links to comparisons between
                                 his Old Mars and Burroughs' Barsoom.
                                 e.g. for City of the Beast see How Not to Do It - and How to Do It.

C L Moore  - see C L Moore's Tales of Northwest Smith and
                                    see also The Kuttner-Moore Venus

Patrick Moore - for his Mars see the OSS Diary for 22nd November 2016
                          For a great Mars-trip "recruitment moment"
                            see the Diary for 11th August 2016,
                                quoting from Mission to Mars.
                        For his delightful youngsters' guide to palaeontology and
                          Earth history, True Book About the Earth, see
                            the Diary, 24th November 2016.

Larry Niven - for Wait it Out see the Pluto page;
                      for The Coldest Place see The Darkside of Mercury and
                                    the OSS Diary, 26th December 2016;
                      for Becalmed in Hell see the page on hyper-brains;
                      for the Plutonian conflagration in World of Ptavvs see the Diary,
                                    Niven and Clarke on the Cusp.

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle - see the OSS Diary, 8th April 2017,
                for the brief suspicion of Saturnians in Footfall.

Alan E Nourse - see Brightside Crossing
                          For The Native Soil see Pot Luck on Venus.
                          See To the Belt with Alan E Nourse for Scavengers in Space.

Chad Oliver - for The Reporter see Conversation in a Martian Bar.

H Beam Piper - for Omnilingual see the Alien Scripts page

Mike Resnick - see In the Tombs of the Martian Kings.

Alva Rogers - re A Requiem For Astounding see the Diary, 27 November 2016,
                        regarding the significance of the year 1941 in the history of
                            magazine sf.

Mary Rosemblum - see Shoals.

Eric Frank Russell - see also the page on Sentinels From Space

Robert Sheckley - for the Mars of Meeting of the Minds see
                                         Another lot who don't know how lucky they are.
                            For Alone At Last, see
                                         A Contrasting Pair of Asteroidal Hermits.

Clifford D Simak

Clark Ashton Smith - see also the page on The Immortals of Mercury

E E "Doc" Smith - see the page on Ganymede;
                               see the Jupiter page for a nice one-line description
                                                 of the Jovian jungle 
                                and a more detailed consideration of the hexans and their foes.
                               See the OSS Diary, 30th March 2017, for Jovian telemorphs,
                                       human and hexan, in Spacehounds of IPC.

Olaf Stapledon

Allen M Steele - see Allen M Steele's Enigmatic Mars and The Captain Returns.

S M Stirling - see also the pages on The Sky People;
In the Courts of the Crimson Kings; and A Coercive of Mars 

Donald Suddaby - see Prisoners of Saturn

William F Temple - for Shoot at the Moon see the Moon page
                                            and the OSS Diary for 20th January 2017
                                                               and 6th April 2017.

Theodore L Thomas

E C Tubb - for Moon Base see the OSS Diary, 10th February 2017
                               and 17th February 2017.

A E van Vogt

Kurt Vonnegut

Howard Waldrop - for The Dead Sea Bottom Scrolls see Academia on Mars.

Hugh Walters - for Blast Off At Woomera see The Old Space Program
nd the OSS Diary for 12th August 2016;
                         for Operation Columbus see the Diary, 4th November 2016.

Donald Wandrei - for Finality Unlimited see the page section, Mountains on the Sun.

Stanley G Weinbaum

Manly Wade Wellman - for The Solar Invasion see Ul Quorn Back from the Dead.

H G Wells - for The War of the Worlds
                     see Martian Landings in The War of The Worlds;
                                  Global Dispatches and Extraordinary Gentlemen;
                                  The Date of the Invasion;
                    for The Time Machine see the Diary entries, A Far-Future Night Sky
                    and A Park-Like Future Earth?
                    For The First Men in the Moon see that page and also
                                         the Diary entry, Lunar Brains.

Jack Williamson - for The Crucible of Power
                            see the OSS Diary, 26th January 2017;
                             for Operation Gravity see the Diary entry entitled
                                          Science Points the Way - Now Go and Play;
                              for The Plutonian Terror
                                 see the Pluto page and the hyper-brains page;
                              for Salvage in Space see the Titania page.

Colin Wilson

Gene Wolfe - for far-future Earth-strata
                        see the OSS Diary, 28 January 2017 with a quote from
                              The Sword of the Lictor; and, from the same book, the answer to
                               Moon Quiz excerpt 3.

John Wyndham - see Time to Rest;
                   also the OSS Diary, 6th February 2017 for The Last Lunarians.
                   For Wyndham and the fecund Venus of The Outward Urge, see
                        the Diary for 16th November 2016.
                   For Exiles on Asperus see the Asteroids page.

Roger Zelazny - A Rose for Ecclesiastes

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